Essay Sample on Marketing Strategies Vitaco

Published: 2023-08-24
Essay Sample on Marketing Strategies Vitaco
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Slide 1: Introduction

The presentation is about marketing strategies Vitaco uses or should apply to improve its market base and competitiveness. Every organization should understand that marketing is critical because marketing tactics determine how customers perceive products and services. The research focused on marketing strategies Vitaco has and it can apply to increase the customer base. Using appropriate methods pulls customers to the company’s products, as well as differentiating them from the competitors. Therefore, the organization must use robust techniques to create awareness of the products and create demand due to the value they offer.

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Slide 2: Outline

The presentation focuses on the company’s marketing tactics and recommends robust strategies that would improve its customer base. The presentation outline includes the scope of the study, methodology, findings, recommendations, acknowledgment, and reflection. The researcher limited the investigation to Vitaco Company based in Auckland.

Slide 3: Nature and scope

Due to the complexity involved in analyzing research findings, it is complicated to analyze the entire industry or all operations of the company. Consequently, the researcher opted to evaluate the company’s marketing strategies, identifying potential weaknesses and strengths to capitalize. Also, the marketing function has grown to be among the most crucial functions in any organization. Customers in any industry seek information on various platforms, such as social sites and company websites. In the process, they make decisions based on the information they access. However, the function works in consolidation with other functions, such as research and development and manufacturing to deliver quality products that deliver value more than customer expectations and competitors. Additionally, the company is located conveniently; thus, the investigator accessed its offices and external sources of information easily.

Slide 4: Methodology

The research project used a descriptive research design since it allows the researcher to fuse qualitative and quantitative research methods. It presents an opportunity to fuse qualitative and quantitative research methods and this helped to explore the research topic effectively. The study used a stratified random sampling technique to select the sample from the population. The method was effective in this context because not all people in the population know about marketing. Also, the method helps to apply real-life experiences to synthesize data and information collected to deliver expected outcomes. However, the experienced weakness of the method encountered is a lack of confidentiality.

Slide 5: Findings

The company uses its logo to differentiate its healthcare products from its competitors. Most people have seen the company’s products on shelves of supermarkets and some of them have prior experience since they have used the products. The company has invested in promoting its products using a brick-and-motor strategy. The effectiveness of the method is that it allows customers to compare the products with those of the competitors on shelves regarding prices and quality. The best way to attract new customers to a brand is through using appropriate marketing tactics that disseminate information to the target audience and inform them about the value the health products offer. Therefore, the company must improve its advertising tactics by adopting methods, such as digital marketing.

Slide 6: Recommendations

The first recommendation is that Vitaco Health Ltd should reach out to physicians and nutritionists and other caregivers through online platforms so that they can recommend their clients to buy health products of the company. The strategy is effective since it advertises the products to the global market. It is also cost-effective since customers since it does not award the commission to nutritionists and physicians. Secondly, the company should send representatives to various conferences and seminars to advertise and explain the existence of the company and its health products. However, it means that the company must sponsor various events and forums so that it can have the opportunity to demonstrate its products. Thirdly, Vitaco Health Ltd should extensively invest in digital marketing, such as social media platforms. The platforms are not only cost-effective but they enhance on-going conversation with potential customers. Also, social media platforms help marketing managers to gather response and feedback from customers as a way of assessing the effectiveness of the marketing strategy.

Slide 7: Acknowledgement

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my supervisor for the special guidance the entire research process. I could have not made it this far without your sincere support. Secondly, I would like to thank all the respondents, who participated in the study. Without their response, it could have been practically impossible to complete the research project. Finally, I would express my gratitude to my colleagues for the constructive challenges they posed during the study process. I sincerely thank you all for your support.

Slide 8: Reflection

The other aspect learned in the entire research process is that time management is a critical aspect to consider when conducting any research. The entire process of collecting and assessing data is not without challenges, such as logistics. Therefore, it is essential to allocate and other resources effectively before commencing research to avoid completing the research at the right time. The second aspect learned is effective communication skills. Since the study collected primary data through interviews, I learned that I possess appropriate communication skills that helped to ask appropriate questions and provide appropriate responses, as well as controlling unnecessary conversations with the respondents and focus on research title. The thing that went well is personal development. I learned from the previous mistakes regarding time management and allocation of resources. Additionally, I learned how to draft interview questions and control personal conversations that would lead to deviation from the research title.

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