Free Paper Example: Waste Management Lesson Plan

Published: 2022-07-18
Free Paper Example: Waste Management Lesson Plan
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Lesson Summary

The participants in this lesson will learn about waste management through the use of the 3Rs. Why they are important and what they mean. Students will be subjected to practical activities on how to recycle waste into usable items.

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  • Be in a position to reduce, reuse and recycle items
  • Have basic ideas and understand the importance of the 3R's
  • Be able to practically recycle items both at home and in school


The lesson takes two classes

Lesson type

The students will works in groups and at an individual level.

Technology integration

The lesson will involve the active participation of the students by interacting with the digital devices that have the speech recognition software installed. The students will have an opportunity to interact with the technology in the class environment, thus becoming more familiar and comfortable while learning about waste management by the use of the 3R's.

Instructional procedures

First day

  • Introducing the students to the importance of effective waste management
  • Explaining the significance of recycling by playing recycling online videos
  • Introduce the concept reducing

Second day

  • Introduce the concept of reusing and recycling
  • Play online videos on how items as reused and recycled.
  • Provide worksheets for the students to identify the items that can be reused and recycled.


The instructor to assess the students' participation in different activities and knowledge based on class discussions.

Materials needed

  • Computers integrated with speech software
  • Video links
  • Worksheets
  • Internet connectivity in the classroom

Integration of the educational technology component

The integration of the speech recognition appliances in the lesson plan is well covered. For instance, learners are subjected to the use of this devices as they learn on how the reuse and recycle the items as one of the measures of waste management. Speech recognition technologies enable such students to communicate with other students and teachers in an easier way since the computer is able to produce what the student reads in a clear manner (Robbie, 2017). Therefore, the other students and the instructors can easily comprehend what the special student is communicating. Moreover, learning becomes simple and more enjoyable. Speech recognition has been improved to become more accurate and easy to use. Speech recognition allows the students to easily capture their ideas therefore saving time. The speech recognition technology can transcribe 160 words per minute allowing fast capturing of ideas. The software with such capabilities are now easily available thus can be relied on. This advantage is applicable to most of the students and not only to those with dyslexia since the barrier of using a keyboard is removed allowing more time to be spent on thinking about the ideas (Robbie, 2017).


Robbie, A. (2017). For Students with Special education Needs, Speech Recognition Technology has the ability to unllock new Opportunities. Retrieved from ITProPortal:

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