Essay Sample on Marketing Plan for Whitespa Company

Published: 2023-01-06
Essay Sample on Marketing Plan for Whitespa Company
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In part A of the assignment, I received excellent comments concerning the marketing plan for our Whitespa apart from the SWOT analysis part whereby the threats and opportunities that we have at Whitespa are not explicit also on the threat part of the analysis I received comments asking about the needs analysis. These comments are essential mainly because they help in ensuring that our marketing plan is good enough without some fault and misguiding information which will hinder us from achieving our short and longterm objectives. We shall use the comments to ensure that we checked and stated the opportunities available at Whitespa and the threats that our company faces whether directly and indirectly, this will help in improving our plan to ensure that they do not affect our objectives in future. Opportunities and threats are the chances and key to the growth of our company; hence the comments will be utilized to think deep into the matters of concern to ensure that our plan is good to go. This part will try to explain the company's strategy of branding, the positioning statement, the primary as well as the secondary target markets and the consumer behavior at Whitespa.

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Whitespa is a center for beauty and fitness products which is a large extent concerned with the psychological and physical welfare of our clients. Our company will only exist because of our clients also because of a well organized professional workforce. We live to please and meet the needs of our clients. The company is aimed at providing attractive, high quality and durable accessories, skin care products as well as fitness apparel for its clients or customers. The brand name is Whitespa, and its logo comprises of the brand name written in classical letter style indicating the elegance of the beauty services we offer to our customers. We at Whitespa are committed to bringing our clients the ultimate experience of beauty and indulgence. We focus on the latest skin care, fitness, and accessories and we hope that within the next two years we shall have increased our services in offering massage, hair care as well as other spa services. Our company works with a team of staff who are highly skilled professionals whose central dedication is treating our clients in a way that all their individual needs are met (Dinnie, 2015).

Our company will target meeting and working with all women and young ladies who are ready to work with us to ensure beauty is all over the world. Women being some of the essential people that exist in this world deserves the best for being the best caregivers and we the Whitespa will build a new world whereby we will give the best beauty experiences as a way to appreciate our women in all the races. We also have a world class fitness products that we offer to both genders the men and women. Body fitness is one of the critical health requirements that every individual need to ensure better health and fitness of their body according to most health practitioners across the globe. Our company offers fitness products made out of lycra, polyester, and cotton all made in different designs but of the highest quality giving a choice for every customer who requires the best experience out of the products.

Our company has done thorough research and there are staff members of the company who will be sent out there to conduct research on the needs of different people, their tastes and preferences on beauty, accessories as well as fitness products to enable the company do a general analysis of these deferent tastes in order to come up with new products and services that will meet the needs of different individuals of different ages and races who live in Texas as well as the nearby locations. It is the wish of the company management that within the next five years our company will have developed to the extent that our products will flood across the global market. The primary demand for our products and services is in Texas while the secondary market will be in all parts of the United States and America as a whole.

For those individuals who want the best beauty experience, the best accessories that will always give you the best experience of yourself and the best new fitness products, Whitespa is the place for you. Whitespa is a center for beauty and fitness products which is in a large extent concerned with the psychological and physical welfare of our clients. They give you the best experience with their up to date cosmetics and fitness products which ensures that your health is at stake since they are environmentally friendly and have no side effects other than giving you an experience you have never had before (Sharma, & Shah, 2017). The company's dedication to improving customer satisfaction and operations sets it apart from other beauty companies. We lead because ensuring your beauty is our dedication.

Our clients are always happy with our services to the extent that they help in advertising our services and products to their friends hence increasing the number of clients that we serve daily. The number of clients who visit our websites is also growing daily; this shows a positive attitude by our clients with whom we are pleased with. We are also receiving great comments and appreciation by most people in Texas. This means a lot to us as a company since we are able to make predictions on the rate at which our company is growing at and also knowing whether we are on the way to achieving our objectives or not hence, we would like to that all the ladies for your more significant support of our company (Hunter et al. 2016).

The brand name, slogan, logo, positioning statement, as well as a brand extension for the company, are right for women mainly because they attract their attention and emotions making them want to know and experience what the company offers. The logo is classic which enables them to see how established the company is and how it could make them classic too. The slogan indicates that their priorities are kept first in the company and according to most researchers, women are people who like being appreciated and feels good when appreciated since they are more emotional than men hence the slogan pulls them towards the company services (Jones, Russell, & Ward, 2015). The position statement indicates that our company is the best and offers the best, ladies will always feel comfortable with services and products from the best companies. The brand extension suggests that the company has an evident vision and is aimed at expanding to the better and this makes women want to be part of the growing company mainly because women are generally viewed as a multiplier and whenever they see such an opportunity in which they can help multiply they will always grasp it. Hence all these factors are right since they help in marketing the company and its products and services at a faster rate.


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