Free Essay on Marketing Organization and Advertisement

Published: 2019-12-09
Free Essay on Marketing Organization and Advertisement
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Buying and selling of goods and services, is a major agenda that any business person strive to ensure that proper strategic plans are laid down so as to embrace the process. Lack of the process may lead a business into a standstill. In the recent past, it has been difficult for business to thrive well or competitively in the market. The main reasons are the shortcoming which befalls the marketing and advertisement of the business products. As a result of such effects is what gave me an incentive in blueprint invent this project.

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Devising ways and means of marketing and advertising goods and services is a skill that every business stakeholder should purport to know and at the same time to be in a position to implement. This is a key concept that may assure maximum profits is attained in any business venture. Lacking such abilities may not lead to proper developmental stages of a business. Therefore, there is need to know how the two concepts are applied in the business setting. My project choice is on marketing, organization and advertisement. In this paper I have outlined a detailed explanation concerning integration of the two concepts giving informative account, and answers to questions; why, how, when and what to market and advertise. My goals and objective is to come up with sustainable business marketing and advertisement strategies.

Customers are the targeted and most crucial assets of a business. The customers will be in the foreground to purchase items that have been well advertised and marketed. In a business scenario, there is need to give customers informed and valid information concerning for instance new products that have been introduced in the market, how valuable it is and the specific place that the item will be found. All these questions are answered through marketing and advertisement. My project is focused to business holders and owners. The project intends to bring into attention the factors that determine the rapid growth and development of a business(Entrepreneur Press, 2012).

Being a manager in this project, am convinced that with my team I will be in a position to delegate duties and ensure mutual responsibility is ascertained to enhance and make the project a success. My stepping stones in this project, are the people who from their utmost good faith have committed to fund me generously. The people includes; business owners whom I had talked to initially concerning my project and they assured me that they will find me so that I come up with the various marketing and advertisement strategies. The project stakeholders are, the contractors, clients outside the project, suppliers, managers and the customers.

The project will be managed by me, holding the managerial position and the support team members that will accorded me required insubordinate support that I require. The quotation of the money that is expected to solidly fund the project is $5000. This will be capable to cater for most needs that we are concerned with. I anticipate that the project is going to take at least six months before completion as this is enough time to carry out an intensive research concerning the project. When all other factors are held constant and there are no deviations a shorter time for the project to be accomplished is expected (Gibarti et al 2014).

In the project also contains ways of identifying business opportunities, how to make decisions concerning business ideas, means of making maximum profits in any business setting and how to ensure the phases and stages of a business. The challenges that have been foreshadowed include; there is limited access to primary information as the data collection methods that we used tend to be time consuming and an applicable to some extent. The various method that I used for data collection are,questionnaires and interviews. It was also costly to be granted permission to conduct these activities, by the municipal council and also it was a time consuming affair. The following stakeholders contributed a lot in the realization of the goals and the objectives of my project.

Table 1.1

stakeholder Interest level Power level

manager high high

treasure high high

auditor medium high

secretary high high

Team member high low

Team member high low

Organizing secretary high high

In my project I needed the following items, vehicle for travelling, money for expenditures incurred, computer and printers, pen, papers and notebooks. I also required a room for carrying out analysis for the project. In store, Ipossess maps for location purposes and also a mobile phone for communication. In addition theproject also require a minimum of $5000 that will contribute to its expansion.

The budget for the project is as illustrated in table 1.2. Although the budget is not completely inclusive it gives approximate information of money disbursement.

Table 1.2 Budget


1 Fair $2000

2 Laptop and printing machine $500

3 Stationery $50

4 Room booking $200

5 food $2000

6 others $250

subtotal $5000

There are numerous risks and liabilities that will beencountered during the research process and they are will illustrated in table 1.3. The risk itself, probability, consequences and treatment is clearly depicted

1 Risk Probability Consequences Treatment

2 Poor weather condition Very high major monitoring

3 Diseases likely moderate regulated

4 Government policies high major handled

5 Language barriers high major translator

6 Failure of tools and equipment high major Replacement

All my team members should be provided with enough money to cater for food and for transportation purposes. They should also have enough airtime for communication and have proper electronic gadgets for recording and storing of data. While carrying out the project, the following information was promptly recorded; the date, where the research was carried out of the place, the person who carried out the research, the information obtained from research and includes the challenges and limitations of the research. This information is important for decision making and also stored for future reference.

The finance was well handled by the competed treasurer who was among team members. He ensured that every cent accounted for.This lead to a tremendous success of the project.To sum up,although the project took a lot of time, the outcome was promising and appealing and all the stakeholders have appreciated and incorporated the suggestion that we came up with and there if an element of drastic elevations in their businesses.


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