Child Development Essay Sample for Free

Published: 2018-02-22
Child Development Essay Sample for Free
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In the book, the author focuses on the importance of evaluating a child’s strengths and weaknesses as the first step towards assessing his/her development history. In particular, it is imperative to know the limitations and the abilities that the child possesses in dealing with stress and past trauma. The arguments presented in the book are similar to the ones indentified by Sigmund Freud. The theorist observed that the behavior of an adult is most likely shaped by his/her parents’ responses concerning sexuality and aggressiveness. Importantly, the author of the book disputes Freud’s psychosexual theory by stating that it is not accurate. Moreover, he performs a thorough analysis of available scholarly texts on the topic of child development. A fascinating aspect of the book is the use of qualitative methodology to acquire information. For instance, the author interviewed the mother to a depressed boy and the result indicated that he was abandoned by the father at the age of 3 years.

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Wallman, K. K., (2016). America's children in brief: key national indicators of well-being,

2016. Retrieved from

The website discusses the 41 major indicators of child development in a clear manner. The accurate representation of data is the most evident strength about the article. Statistical results show that there was an overall reduction in the number of adolescents’ birth rates. Conversely, college enrollment for all races increased in 2016. Additionally, there was an upward trend in the level of Hispanic high school completion. This website is informative and uses a simple language that can be understood by people of diverse backgrounds. Also, the author, Katherine K Wallman, is qualified in the field of data because she is the chief statistician. This improves the validity and credibility of the presented information. Importantly, the report indicates that health coverage for Hispanic and Black children increased.


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Wallman, K. K., (2016). America's children in brief: key national indicators of well-being, 2016. retrieved from

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