Paper Example. UCCO Project - Analysis

Published: 2023-02-08
Paper Example. UCCO Project - Analysis
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The Urgent care unit Clinic Organization (UCCO) is one the prominent global medical healthcare facilities that have been known for the promotion of community healthcare services to all of its local people and the surrounding neighbors. Currently, the medical health facility manager wants to implement a new electronic healthcare record (EHR) to enable and improve the overall process of providing quality client care and the entire general medical healthcare organizational challenges. Therefore, these papers focus on the SWOT analysis of the current situation of the UCCO healthcare facility to establish areas that need to be addressed most during the implementation process.

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According to Morgan, Ensor, & Waters (2016), competent human resource is critical stakeholders in the provision of health facilities. Based on the human resource department records, the medical facilities comprise of eight professional health service specialist in various areas such as heart surgeries, gynecologists, and many other regions. It also contains fourteen doctors assigned to specific ward areas and quite a small number of clinical medical staff alongside three directors.


SWOT analysis is one the tool that can help a manager to determine the specific area of improvement based on the organizational situation analysis concerning threats, opportunities, weaknesses and strengths (Phadermrod, Crowder & Wills,2019). The SWOT analysis table shows the current situational analysis, which helps the manager during the implementation of HER.



  • Messaging that urgent care centers provide only general care services; specialty services not promoted.
  • Currently, the population of elderly patients (over age 65) increasing at tremendous rates and most of them are insured by the national government making them to access medical facilities more often making the UCCO medical facility to general more income when they implement the proposed new electronic healthcare records (EHR) to enable it to have good record-keeping with presenting to the national health department claiming payment for service provided.
  • The UCCO is made up of 3 facilities compared to its competitors who are not well established in terms of infrastructural resources.


  • Compliance audits disclose issues with UCCO clients' confidentiality and privacies. This may pave the way to its competitor to convince their clients by promising them the protection of clients privacy and confidentiality.
  • Growing and emerging number of the medical service provider in the creating over-saturation of urgent care facilities in the area making UCCO, not the sole health provider as it was.
  • Clients satisfaction rates declining.
  • Compliance audits reveal issues with patient confidentiality and privacy
  • The cost of treatment for the UCCO continues to rise, yet patient costs remain the same



  • UCCO medical health facility has eight medical specialists who are competent enough based on their profile in medical service provision.
  • It also has eight medical doctors who are qualified and able to provide quality medical services to its client with the help of several clinical staff members and employees.
  • UCCO health medical facilities have only two directors to carry out management effectively. This enables it to save financial resources in terms of salary and wages payments.


  • Financial profits for UCCO down by 10% each year, for the past three years
  • Since the previous three Financial profits analysis decline by 10% each year for the UCCO organization creating the possibility of bankruptcy.
  • HIPAA training was not accomplished as part of new human resources orientation
  • Insurance costs increasing Uninsured patients population rising, which might not make fail to access health services.

In conclusion, implementation of HER system will be vital in the improvement of provision of quality health services by having a good record of customers complaint and make immediate adjustment to restore Clients satisfaction by promising them confidentiality and privacy of their health conditions. It will also help the manager identify the reasons for the financial crisis.


Morgan, R., Ensor, T., & Waters, H. (2016). Performance of private-sector health care: implications for universal health coverage. The Lancet, 388(10044), 606-612.

Phadermrod, B., Crowder, R. M., & Wills, G. B. (2019). Importance-performance analysis based SWOT analysis. International Journal of Information Management, 44, 194-203.

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