Disability Sport Essay Example

Published: 2022-04-20
Disability Sport Essay Example
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1. Reaction to Paralympic Articles

After reading Christina's description of her Spina Bifida myelomeningocele condition, the first thought that comes to the mind is, how unfortunate can life be. But that thought is completely turned around at the end of Rolling through the hoops when one sees the same person with husband and a son living a happy family life and achieving her dreams just like any other able-bodied person. Christina's story makes one attest that all one needs to overcome, the seemingly unbreakable, barriers in life is just sheer determination and positive attitudes in addition to supportive people in their lives. The role of Paralympics in a disabled person's life cannot be overemphasized. for Christina, Paralympics is essentially her life, considering it built her fundamental values such as confidence and resilience in addition to opening numerous opportunities that normally would seem permanently shut by her disability. Paralympics gives opportunities for people with disability to build relationships with their teammates and people from diverse backgrounds consequently gaining confidence and appreciating their value in the society ("Empowered by Disability Sport: NCHPAD - Building Inclusive Communities", 2018).

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2. A Brief Overview of Spina Bifida

Spina Bifida (SB) is a condition that results from an abnormal development of the neural tube responsible for the formation of the spinal cord. With a prevalence rate of one out of 1000 births, this condition has been found to be caused by deficiencies in selenium, Zinc and Maternal folic acid during fetus development can be triggered by both environmental and genetic factors. The severity of the condition depends on the type of SB. SB occulti is the mildest form of SB and consists of a group of disorders affecting the spinal cord depicted by an aperture in the spine and rarely causes disability. Meningocele on the other manifests itself in a protruding sack of nerve fluid from the spine where the nerves are usually undamaged hence causing just minor disability. The most severe form of SB is Myelomeningocele, which causes protrusion of spinal cord through the spine that results in partial or complete paralysis below the point of protrusion causing disabilities ("Spina Bifida: NCHPAD - Building Inclusive Communities", 2018). According to NCPAD, although it is recommended that a person with SB sees a doctor first before engaging in any physical exercises, the following exercise routines have been to be effective in improving their physical conditions. Aerobics exercise for 18min, flexibility exercise for 16min and strengthening exercise that includes both core and balance exercises.

3. A Brief Overview of Spina Bifida Exercise Program

This program is an instructor-based series of timed exercise routines some of which, like warm up, aerobic balance and cool down can be done in everyday basis while some, such as strengthening training should be done every other day to allow the muscles the needed rest. The aerobics session improves aerobic fitness by that is very crucial for wheelchair users in increasing the oxygen uptake for metabolism. Strengthening training is primarily emphasized because it increases the muscle strength, promotes mobility and general physical development. finally, the flexibility exercise for people suffering SB helps them to experience a wide range of joints motion and become limber hence improving their mobility ("Teens on the Move: An Exercise Video for Teens with Spina Bifida: NCHPAD - Building Inclusive Communities", 2018).

4. Fitness Center Layout

The most critical aspect of making a fitness center accessible is the access routes relative to the center's machines and equipment. A close examination of the arrangement of the equipment and access routes before the makeover indicates numerous conflicts which do not only impede movement in the center but also exposes the disabled person to dangers of fatal accidents resulting from the collision with weights as they try to manoeuvre through narrow spaces between the equipment.


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