Free Essay. Major Approaches Used by Managers in Assessing Preparedness and Response Effectiveness

Published: 2023-11-24
Free Essay. Major Approaches Used by Managers in Assessing Preparedness and Response Effectiveness
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Managers use prevention measures to assess preparedness and response effectiveness of disasters. They begin by determining the evacuation plans, which are laid down to prevent the risk of life and injuries (ISDR & OCHA, 2008). At the same time, they evaluate the design, and environmental planning of an organization, for it is key to disaster management. The other approach that is used by managers to assess preparedness and response effectiveness is mitigation (ISDR & OCHA, 2008). Managers locate areas or facilities that may cause a disaster in a workplace and measures that are put in place to avoid or reduce the impact of such risks in the future. Lastly, managers assess various steps in the disaster recovery plan, for example, determining how a company may function/respond if a disaster occurs.

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Primary Challenges Facing Managers in Regional Preparedness for Disaster and Legal Hurdles

Financial constraints place a primary challenge to the managers (ISDR & OCHA, 2008). There is a gap between regional and state governments, which limits the manager’s capability to offer support in times when a disaster sets up a negative consequence. Managers struggle to fund the disaster since they lack the emergency funds to do the job for the regional communities. There is also a gap in disaster management expertise due to a lack of proper education (ISDR & OCHA, 2008). As aforementioned, this happens because managers lack people who understand how to build a more resilient community, keeping the infrastructure from failing and the importance of low-cost mitigation strategies. According to Boin and McConnell (2007), managers experience legal hurdles. Some examples of them are lack of legitimate measures in the allocation of resources, potential liability for failure to plan for emergencies, and failure to strictly apply the law.


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ISDR, U., & OCHA, U. (2008). Disaster preparedness for effective response: Guidance and indicator package for implementing priority five of the Hyogo Framework. United Nations, New York, Geneva.

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