Business Ethics - Free Essay Sample

Published: 2023-09-19
Business Ethics - Free Essay Sample
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What do you think about the Notion Presented by Terris that Lockheed's Ethics Program does Little to Prevent Ethical Breaches at the Highest Level of the Organization?

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Extensive comparative analyses of Terris with Lockheed's ethical programs manifest a diversity of anticipated feedback. Precisely, in the case of Lockheed's ethics program, the employees who underwent this training criterion portrayed positive feedback, which in turn exponentially escalated their zeal and morale relating to the operational activities of the company. The management took into account proper scrutiny of how the process of training was driven, and this enlightened them that their training technique enhanced the employees to develop the urge to fight for their rights (Terris, 2005). At some stage, it inevitably manifested that the workers intended to reiterate to the management whenever they suspected and noticed social attacks, especially on the grounds. Most of these occurrences, which are so severe, demoralized the majority of the workers, thereby diminishing social uprightness at the workplace. As a result of continuously redundant training, the employees sensed the art of human morality that is often linked to company prosperity. The organizational worker plays numerous vitalities in mutual company growth and development.

By so doing, the organization's team, including general employees, found out that they did not receive the anticipated training and that most of them never comprehended how the business was run. In a nutshell, employees never got prior information to practice, and they lacked fundamental ideas pertaining to the universal business culture, and its relative impacts on the company’s operational environment. Besides, it became an ultimately complicated challenge to adapt to the mechanisms that the business was operated under (Terris, 2005). The most complex context was when the supervisors realized all these. They intensively conducted massive identification, observation, and analysis of the various employees of concern and linked their pre-found issues to the company's prevalent ethical concerns. From this concept, it is evident that ethics play essential roles in satisfying any legal requirements that an organization or a farm may anticipate. It encompasses the values, rules, and guidelines that a company might want its relational employees to abide by.

Are the Efforts Put Forth_, for instance, ensuring that Higher Levels Executives Participate in Training- Enough to Help Executive Navigate what Terris Calls the 'Ethical Minefield' faced by Leadership in such an Organization?

Definitely yes, because they are adequate to explore Terris' prior sentiments. It insinuates that almost all the persons, men, and women in the organizational leadership ranks were placed under a closed watch out. They ultimately worked in cooperation with each other to improvise feasible ways of mitigating employees' training uncertainties (Terris, 2005). The aim focused on improving the training methods used to assess the trainees concerning the company's prevalent ethical considerations.

Devoid the myriads of inevitable challenges experienced amid the process of implementing these aims, the executive managed to navigate through via the aid, and massive support got from the pre-organized structure that had been previously put in place in preparation for the hardships encountered. As a mitigative approach, they should, at all times, enhance the speculation and conduction of continuous ethical educational training to the employees to ease them in the violation of the uncertain rights. Also, such teachings improve learners' ability to identify, contemplate, and comprehend human rights about work. Besides, it enlightens them on the better mechanisms to deploy to diminish chances of any form of mistreatments, among other violative practices company, may conduct against the will of employees.

Additionally, when they get trained on ethical concerns, employees find it easy to mutually relate the societal transformative modifications to the company’s unanimous progress. Therefore, its of great vitalities to the company to have specific ethics professionals whose roles include but not limited to the conduction of ethical educational training to meet the current world dynamicity. As a result, there is a high chance of a significant reduction in conflicts as each employee would be knowledgeable of what the firm expects from them at their respective workplaces.

What Are Some Things that Could be Done to Address the Issue Related to Ethics at Higher Executive Levels of the Organization?

In real life scenario, whenever employee(s) comprehend ethical management and control, they simultaneously contemplate lots of expected results unlimited to a given group or identified levels. When employees have a better understanding of ethical concerns, there is an optimal enhancement of conducive surroundings for work among coworkers, which interrelates to individual accountability to their tasks. In so doing, fellow workers are likely to offer others the aids they need to empower their job outputs and even get promotional achievements.

Recommendations that Lockheed Martin Should do to Address the Ethical Situations?

Organizational conflict resolution techniques play significant impacts on business culture and ethics. For instance, one should possess an interactive support system when dealing with group resolution where each individual has different divergent morals and ideological views. Furthermore, dealing with such resolutive patterns requires a proper understanding of both group participants' ethical morals and their culture to evade any offensive conflict (Terris, 2005). Conclusively, mutual knowledge of groups' cultural and ethical enhances a conducive environment for work in the company as each employee will be ultimately focusing on cooperating with their fellows in achieving the anticipated pre-set progressive goals.


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