Free Essay: Boiler Room Movie and the Finance Topic

Published: 2023-03-08
Free Essay: Boiler Room Movie and the Finance Topic
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The movie Boiler Room encompasses several features that link it to the need for analysis regarding the finance concept. The movie got written and directed by a famous individual known as Ben younger. Finance is the management of money, which includes activities of an individual like investing, borrowing, lending, saving, and forecasting. Several types of finance get navigated by such activities mentioned above. Also, they appear in the movie, which provides a conducive platform for analysis. The problem that requires a solution, in this case, is the relationship between the finance topic and the film. The essay expounds and explains the movie Boiler Room concerning the finance topic.

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The movie begins with the character Seth explaining and narrating how millionaire companies and individuals achieve the goals of investing a large amount of money regarding the article he read in the past. He illustrated that Microsoft companies employ more millionaire's secretaries than any other company in the whole world by taking stalk options on bonuses. The introduction of the movie acts as an illustration to explain the fact of finance for analysis. The example shows how Microsoft manages its finance through the activities of investing in the company. Seth continues by explaining what he wanted for a living is to make quick money, which also shows a relationship with finance. The action, therefore, gets related to the topic of finance as required for this discussion, which leads to several other events in the movie.

The movie proceeds by explaining the life of the character Seth who lived in New York City and earned a living through the illegal casino in his house. It explains a lot of items concerning finance that is suitable for this study. In this case, the finance issue appears where the character carries out personal finance, which is the management of personal money through the activities mentioned earlier. The character owned his own business where he was investing and paying his rent through it, as explained in the movie. The personal finance illustrated in the film gets expounded further where the character, Seth, tends to show the three main areas of focus in his financial activities and life. Such personal financial businesses in the character's life are investing, spending, and saving. There was no event of protection activities in terms of insurance and other coves in his business since it was illegal.

Further clarity and analysis get done when the character, Harry, displays his techniques on personal finance where he purchases stocks from Seth for investment purposes. It shows how the actor managed his money through investment activities. The investment activities get accompanied by risks when carrying out the business, which gets illustrated on Harry's scene. Harry chose to trust and give a chance to Seth and a go-ahead of doing business through purchasing of stock via JT Marline. In this case, the action was a risk in the business activity for the character. It leads to an interesting situation of the doctor who made a deal with Seth regarding the trending drug in the market. The doctor took the risk of getting into investment activity when he got convinced by the broker, Chris, as illustrated in the movie. Also, Chris shows an investment concept where he acts as a broker who convinced the doctor on the deal of the trending pharmaceutical drugs where his earnings were. In this case, investment gets widely illustrated in the movie and critical content in finance.

The other concept of finance illustrated in the movie is savings, which plays a significant role in the financial life of an individual. The film shows the idea of savings where Seth had his saving box that he placed his money for future use and expenses. The movie illustrates the concept during the scene of Seth in his house with his brother and friends. Savings are an essential aspect of life that aids an individual in times of crisis. It being part of a finance topic, the movie displayed it in different views of the management of money, that is, personal management of savings.

The movie proceeds by illustrating the savings concept where Harry had his savings, which he took it for investment purposes. Harry saw the need and use of savings strategies, which allowed him to purchase storks from Seth. For more proof regarding savings based on finance, the topic is that Harry continued to inform Seth that the cash he had was from his savings of paying the house bill they were to buy. Harry's wife also pleads on her husband that they should not use the savings they had since it had a current role of paying the bill. To be precise, it was another illustration of the savings concept in the movie. Saving is, therefore, an aspect illustrated and contrasted in the film to buy the two characters, which is a concept for study in this discuss. The issue leads to another interesting idea of finance that requires analysis in this case and research to justify the presence of the topic.

The movie created a sense of spending as an activity and a concept of the topic finance, which gets analyzed bellow. Commonly, expenditure is an idea of an individual to buy goods and services or any consumable product. For an instant, the movie begins by showing how workers of JT marline were spending their money after earning a significant amount. The scene gets demonstrated in the bus where every individual was happy celebrating and enjoying themselves with playing casino games and purchasing of drugs for their benefit. Also, Seth advised Chris to drink their liquors and to spend their money in a better place than the usual one, which illustrates the sense of expenditure.

The movie still illustrates the concept in the broader way where the interview of Seth in JT Marline shows that the interviewer bought a Ferrari type of car from his earnings. It shows how he managed his cash as he proceeds by explaining the kind of house he owns. The scene in the movie justifies the concept of spending in detail, which is relevant for this study. Expense gets further illustrated in the film, where Harry took his savings and purchased storks from Seth. Moreover, the scene of the doctor also demonstrates the expense factor where Chris persuaded the doctor to choose and buy the storks from JT Marline. The doctor got convinced and took the deal, which shows and expense factor in the movie. In this case, the film shows that expense is an essential aspect of the life of an individual as they gain, achieve, or possess what they desire in life.

The topic of finance encompasses cash flow, profits, behavioral finance, rates of returns, and creating value, which is suitable and best for this discussion. Cash flow is the amount measured on the increase and decrease of money a business or an individual has. The movie illustrates profoundly, where the characters who played a role as JT Marline workers justified the cash flow concept. After investing and earning, the individuals carried out activities of financial management, which is earning and spending hence shows cash flow in the movie. Cash flow gets illustrated on the scene of Seth and his casino business, where people came with their cash and did business that entails earning and spending. To be precise, the concept of cash flow in the Movie illustrates the buying and selling of products.

Profit is another comprehensive concept illustrated in the movie which acted and played a significant role hence suitable for analysis in this discussion. The film shows that Seth gained profit in his casino business as earlier expounded, which enabled him to carry out his daily financial activities. It gets illustrated further in the movie that the JT Marlin Company gained a lot of profit when they were carrying out their business activities and obligations as brokers. The film expounds profoundly, that profit was the aim of the company which got navigated by the need to be productive. In this case, the scenes in the movie show an extensive explanation of profit for analysis and study purposes based on the theme.

Behavioral finance is the study and contrasting influence of phycology on the behaviors of investors and financial analysts. The movie shows the concept at a wide range in different scenes, which justifies the existence of a financial topic in the film. At the beginning of the movie, Seth tends to influence his casino customers on the game and not giving up. It enabled the customers to continue playing his casino games as he also earns a living from it. Further illustration gets done on the case and scene of Chris, where he influenced the doctor on purchasing the stalks as a broker. Seth also acted as an investor who influenced Harry on purchasing the storks as a broker in JT Marline. In this case, the movie illustrates the concept of behavioral finance as it gives a platform for analysts to study the psychology of investors.

Rates of returns and creating value are other concepts for analysis based on the Boiler Room film and finance topic. Rates of return are the percentage figure analyzed on an investor's gain or loss over a specified period. The concept got highly illustrated in the movie in different ways. The JT Marline Company shows rates of return aspect where each individual could analyze his rate of return percentage after working as brokers. The case of the doctor and Harry also illustrates the rates of return when they tried out to carry investment activities. More illustration gets done on the matter of Seth, where he asked his brother about the performances in his casino business after a slight flop and losses. For a company to start or get established, value creation is significant, and a factor required. The movie illustrates the aspect in different ways, that is, the case of Seth and colleagues in JT Marline. They had to first create value before starting up as brokers. The concept is, therefore, important for businesses and the discussion. In this case, the Boiler Room film contains several scenes that get related to finance in a comprehensive view.


In a nutshell, the "Boiler Room" is a wonderful movie that tells us a story of a nineteen-year-old Seth who makes a profitable income through operating an illegal casino specifically in his apartment. However, his dad, who is also a judge, realizes this act, thus creating a lot of problems for him. Hence, he decided to get a daytime job specifically as a broker with a renowned organization that specializes in selling worthless stock due to high-pressure mobile tactics. Moreover, the main areas of concern that the paper has emphasized are the investment, spending, and the persuasive ways of the investors. Also, the topic of finance encompasses cash flow, profits, behavioral finance, rates of returns, and creating value, which is suitable and best for the discussion. The paper further classifies the way profit losses get related to the movie, which is suitable for the study. Also, profit a comprehensive concept illustrated in the movie which acted and played a significant role hence suitable for analysis in the discussion. Rates of returns and creating value are other concepts for analysis based on the Boiler Room film and finance topic. Notably, the film shows that Seth gained profit in his casino business, which enabled him to carry out his daily financial activities. Boiler room encompasses such features of finance topic which are suitable and acts as a key aspect of analysis. Thus, the Boiler Room film is a financial related film.

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