Employee Engagement and Retention. Paper Example

Published: 2023-03-29
Employee Engagement and Retention. Paper Example
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Running a business in the present world has changed, and human resource teams work towards acquiring the best talent in the market. The team is also involved in the engagement of workers, increasing the chances of retaining them in business and avoiding the issue of losing them to rival companies. It is crucial to ensure that the employees are continuing to learn and develop the quality of their skills to make sure that they remain relevant in the market while rewarding the workers and keeping them motivated.

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The procedure involves acquiring a group of workers that are willing to meet an organization's needs. Some of the strategies that are used to recruit the best talent in the market include company branding and the utilization of social media. Employees' desire when they are searching for employment is to join the best companies in the market. Therefore, through branding, organizations will manage to paint a great picture of their activities and market themselves to potential workers in the market. Therefore, the best talent will be acquired by the branded company. Advancement in technology has triggered a wave of a social media frenzy with many people on these sites. Therefore, by making adverts on these platforms, companies will stand a great chance of attracting the best talent a move that will enable it to realize its goals. Some of the organizational goals are to reach a wide range of potential customers in the market to raise its volume of sales (Bremen, 2017). Therefore, by relying on social media and employer braiding to acquire workers, the same procedures will manage to support the objective set by the firm, for it will manage to reach customers through the same processes of creating awareness.

The employees' engagement is the level to which workers are passionate about the activities that they undertake, their commitment to a company, and the efforts that they are putting to become successful. It is important to note that millennials form part of the workforce in the current world, and they have their set of expectations that they desire their companies to meet. They are demanding, for engagement that may include the firm taking measures that will make the employees feel valued through companies making an investment in them. Companies should ensure that they are offering their staff members an opportunity to get additional training and receive resources that will enable them to realize personal development. Having clear communication channels will ensure that all the personnel can easily exchange ideas, a move that enables workers to create a team. Companies realize that they do not have to follow the one-size-fits-all approach, but they must undertake a program that is tailed towards meeting individual needs (Kassab, 2020). When the workers are happy, and they feel that a company cares about them, they are likely to work in that organization for a long time. Therefore, the business will be a position to retain them and save on recruitment costs or expenses incurred when they resign.

Just like technology, the job market is changing fast, and there is a need for workers to continue taking additional training to ensure that they remain relevant in the workplace and make them competitive in the market. Therefore, companies should offer their staff members a resource-based program that will enable them to get personal development and improve the quality of their skills. When employees join a company, the technology that they get there is expected to be obsolete in the next few years, meaning that they cannot rely on it to undertake their activities. It is an indication that they will be needed to personally develop themselves failure to which they will lose their position to the incoming recruits. Getting additional training will enable the employees to advance their organizational goals. The mentoring process enables the skilled workers to pass their knowledge to other staff, and this enhances a company's ability to retain employees.

When workers perform well, and help a firm to realize its goals, they are supposed to be given rewards to keep them motivated. Companies should create compensation and reward benefits programs, and the salaries that should be used to appreciate workers include offering monetary compensations, benefits, such as paid leave, and health care. Organizations may also consider offering deferred compensation, while the job evaluation program should be aligned with the review of the means of making payments to the staff members. The elements that companies should observe when they are working on rewarding employees should involve work-life effectiveness management of their performance and talent development. The organizational goals include raising the quality of services, and this can only be realized if the workers are satisfied with the operations of a business, and are willing to work optimally (Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 2014). Additionally, satisfied employees are better suited to raise the level of production and continue working in a company, which are some of the objectives that are set by management. In an institution, the existence of the reward programs is one of the measures that can be taken to realize the aims that a business wants both in the short and long term.


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