Paper Example: Stakeholder Register

Published: 2023-04-08
Paper Example: Stakeholder Register
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Stakeholder management was the primary strategy in establishing the working relationships of the project and its stakeholders. It acknowledged the project stakeholders and helped in understanding the stakeholders' unique communication requirements at every phase of the project. A healthy relationship of trust was created, as well as relevance and understanding of how the stakeholder's work contributed towards meeting and achieving the objectives and goals of the projects.

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Communications Matrix

Communication is an essential ingredient for the success of any project. A communication matrix was created to help project managers pass information to their team members at the right time (Communication Matrix in Project Management, 2019). A communication matrix ensured that no shareholders were left out during communication. A RACI matrix that listed out all essential project tasks and the persons responsible for completing assigned tasks was drafted. Stakeholders were given the following roles, approve tasks, give opinions before a job starts, and be informed about an ongoing task.

Quality Management Techniques

Quality management has four distinct components: quality control and continuous improvement, quality assurance, quality control, and quality planning. The performance of each of the four distinct components was tracked and monitored by quality tools and techniques. With the embracement of the quality management tools and techniques, it was possible to identify the thriving and dwindling production process and outputs. A flow chart and histogram were used as quality management tools in monitoring an organization's performance. Its usefulness influenced the choice of a flow chart in demonstrating the sequence of production and output activities in a company, including the decision branch nodes, not to mention the resultant outputs (ZenBridge, 2014). Its usefulness influenced the choice of a histogram in this project in serving as a tool that prevents an approach to improve the production processes (Gemba Academy, 2010). It also helped in identifying the cause of poor performance while creating recommendation gaps for optimal performance.

Critical Path Method Implementation

The critical path method (CPM) model maximized the algorithm for planning the project undertakings (Nafkha & Wilinski, 2016). A CPM was devised to help construct a schedule baseline for my Integrative Project. (I.T-New Email Platform). Bearing in mind all the essential aspects, that is, Duration, Earliest Start Time, Earliest Finish Time, Latest Start Time, Latest Finish Time as well as Slack (also called Float). A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) was used to identify the tasks required to be fulfilled to achieve the project within a given period as well as ensure resource utilization.

Risk Management Plan

Risks were rated and prioritized based on the impact and occurrence of a project. There was qualitative and quantitative risk analysis. Qualitative risk prioritized risks according to their probability and impact (McNeil, Frey, & Embrechts, 2015). The process focused on high-priority risks. Quantitative risk analysis prioritized the highest priority risk, whereby the probability and outcome were not numerically approximated. Strategies for response planning were established; the types of risk response plans used included risk avoidance, transference, limitation, and acceptance.

Change Request Form

The marketing department identified a new need that would be solved by the new email platform. The department wanted the new email platform to accommodate its email marketing campaigns. By implanting the change, the project scope expanded from installing a new email platform to improving communication to having an email platform that also allowed for email marketing campaigns. Due to the additional resources needed to implement the change, the project schedule changed and data collection took five days instead of 4 days (A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, 2019). The configuration took five days instead of the initial four days but the changes did not affect the supplier search and selection. The training was also not affected since the marketing department already knew how to use the emails for marketing campaigns. Implementing the change request enabled the project manager to handle the time and financial risks related to implementing the change (Khalifa, Samin & Ahmad, 2019).

Procurement Management Plan

The company decided to outsource the development of an email platform because the costs of outsourcing were less compared to in-house IT experts. The costs of developing an email platform by the company IT were compared with outsourcing to determine the best scenario for the company to invest. The relevant costs for the development of email platforms were direct labor, direct materials, constant contact, graphic design, content writing, and email management. When comparing the make or buy decision without the irrelevant costs, revised costs were $ 5000 for outsourcing and $ 6404 for development within the company.


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