Maintaining My Relationships - Free Essay Example

Published: 2019-09-25
Maintaining My Relationships - Free Essay Example
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One relationship that matters most in my life is the relationship between me and my romantic partner. For us to remain strongly attached together emotionally and physically, we have put in place a very conducive environment by communicating effectively with each other. Over and over in our relationship, we have put into practice different communication and maintenance strategies. It is through the effective utilization of the different strategies that our relationship has grown stronger by the day.

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My partner and I have promised each other that we will remain in our relationship and to make it successful. Ours is a lifetime commitment and we vowed that only death will do us part. In our commitment, we have engaged various indicators to enhance our relationship and reduce uncertainty. The indicators include being affectionate to each other, providing support, maintaining integrity, and showing respect. Other indicators that we have involved in our promise are communicating regularly, sharing companionship, working on the problems facing our relationship together, and showing respect among other pointers.

To keep our relationship fire burning further, we try as much as possible to remain positive in our romantic relationship. We do this by keeping the relational climate courteous and cheerful and also avoiding criticism at all costs. Whenever my partner has done wrong or failed in performing some task, I do not embark on criticizing and condemning her for the wrongdoing. Instead, I remain positive and look for a way that I can assist her accomplish the task if possible. We also have a pledge to remain open, talk directly about the nature of our relationship and the disclosure of our personal needs and concerns. In this case, whenever one of us has a problem, he/she must talk about the same with the other. We have promised each other that none of us should talk to a third party about an issue that directly relate to our relationship. We have to decide together if a problem facing either or both of us should be communicated to a third party (usually a parent or a close friend).

Assurances have been an integral part of our relationship. From time to time, I let my partner know that I am there for her and that she matters a lot to me. In return, she also does the same because ours is a mutual relationship. In addition to doing this verbally, we also use surprises such as buying flowers and other items to strengthen our romance. We have also invested in close family members and friends. We use social media networks such as Facebook and Whatsapp to strengthen our ties. We frequently upload and share with our friends pictures taken together with my partner. We often post on each others walls to assure love to one another. On Whatsapp, we send each other love messages and pictures from time to time when we are not close. Putting the photos of each other as our profile pictures goes a long way in communicating our love. Making sure that my partner is known by most of my family members was among the first things I did as soon as I realized that our relationship would be one of a lifetime. She also did the same. We communicate with our circle of friends and relatives from time to time.

Sharing of tasks and helping each other take care and accomplish important chores and obligations have been central in our relationship. Ours is not a male dominated relationship. When she does not feel like cooking, I help her. In addition, I do not hesitate doing the household chores whenever I am not occupied and she is not in a position to do them.

Commitment plays a core role for the success of any kind of relationship. It involves a commitment, which is done by communication (either verbally or otherwise). Putting into effective use of different communication strategies makes the relationship grow stronger and be successful.

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