Edward Scissor Hands Character Analysis Top-Rated Essay Example

Published: 2018-03-09
Edward Scissor Hands Character Analysis  Top-Rated Essay Example
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Characters in Edward Scissorhands

Edward, the protagonist in Tim Burton's film "Edward Scissorhands," is an incomplete creation of his maker-a smart scientist-who lived in a big mansion located on a hill away from the other people. He is left with scissors for hands as the name of the movie suggests. After his master's demise, Edward has no one he can call family and is puzzled about which step he will take. He is not even aware that his creator died that's why when Peg asks him where his family is he responds, "He didn't wake up," referring to his creator (Scissorhands, 1990).

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He has a pale skin and a scar on his face which he got from slashing himself with his hands. Peg's lady neighbor talking to Joyce about Edward says, "Joyce, I just saw this strange guy drop in with Peg. I didn't get a very good look at him. He looked kind of pale…" His hair is intensely black and oddly grown for the society he finds himself in. His clothing is an all-black cladding his inventor had left him before his death. Despite his strange looks, Edward has a gentle voice, and one notices his loneliness when he closes his eyes (Scissorhands, 1990).

Edward has a charming personality, and when Peg finds him alone at his master's mansion, she takes him with her to her community. Peg’s neighbors are marveled by Edward’s charm since they thought he cannot lead a normal life because of his looks. Unfortunately, even with his charm, they do not accept him completely as part of the community and when he falls in love with Peg's daughter trouble comes his way (Burton, 2014).Edward had been raised well by his inventor. He raised him as his only son and taught him etiquette. This protocol is seen in Edward's choice of words with people of the Suburbia. He says, "I'm sorry" when he makes a mistake and says, "Thank you" when the neighbors bring him food and drinks (Scissorhands, 1990). Bill notices Edward’s courtesy and tells that he “got to learn not to take things so literally.”

Edward Scissorhands Character Description

Edward appreciates his new found friends and during an interview he notes that the best part of his new life in town is, I quote; "The friends I've made." The family he has found makes him enjoy life and he is ready to help wherever he can. Although he had been raised alone, his loneliness taught him the importance of family (Peng, 2013).

At some point, he pushes Kevin off the road and prevents the kid from being run over by Jim's drunken friend. Edward also gets into trouble when he helps Kim and Jim break into his father's office. He knows the house belongs to Jim's parents contrary to what they told him when they were luring him into the crime, but he still does it. When Kim asks why he did the job, he says, "because you asked me." He loves Kim, and he sees nothing wrong with doing whatever she asks him to do (Peng, 2013). If given another chance, he could do it again to please his love. His actions in this context depict his selflessness and protective nature.

At the same time, Edward cannot differentiate between wrong and good. The psychologist who examines him says, "The years in spent isolation have not equipped him with the tools necessary to judge right from wrong. He's had no context. He's been complete without guidance." His disability to judge good and evil explains why he breaks into the office of Jim's parents without any feeling of remorse. Furthermore, is only worried about the feelings of his friends (Peng, 2013).Jim’s jealousy pushes Edward to do the unthinkable, taking Jim’s life which he regrets. Edward is a lover of peace and if Jim had been friendly and man enough, he even wouldn’t have lost his girlfriend because she was humane and loving. Circumstances change him from a loving guy to a sorry killer.

The Key Differences Between Edward and the Other People in the Movie

The main feature of Edward is his purity and naivety. This character personifies the thirst for knowledge and the complete opposite of the whole world. The fact is that the director wanted to oppose the protagonist to all the other guys. Edward is a man who grew up in isolation. His mind is clear and not filled with stereotypes or preconceived judgments. He acts spontaneously like a child, rejoices even in minor events, and always absorbs knowledge like a sponge. The problem is that his creator didn't bother to adapt him to the real world.

But even with scissorhands, this person could become part of the community. In part, the director touches on this aspect, showing how skillfully Edward can mow lawns or do haircuts. Many of the male characters in the film are slightly rude, overconfident, and even sometimes aggressive. Most likely, the director wanted to achieve a vivid contrast between Edward, Jim, and the other guys.

The key difference between the protagonist and other people is that Edward is perceived as alien. Many citizens experience bias, fear, or barely disguised aggression towards him. This is the key problem and allusion to modern society. People are not ready to accept those who are not like them. Scissorhands, skin color, gender, religion, or other factors can cause conflict. That is why the director tried to exaggerate Edward's inner isolation and the undisguised intolerance of society.


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