Media Advertising for Bleeding Heart Restaurant (BHR), Essay Example

Published: 2022-03-03
Media Advertising for Bleeding Heart Restaurant (BHR), Essay Example
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Existing Target segments for Bleeding Heart Restaurant (BHR)

Market segment refers to customers available for your products both at present and in the future. Understanding your customer segments is important because it enables proprietors and business owners to offer products specifically tailored for them. The market segments available for Bleeding Heart restaurant include Leading Journalists, Public Relations Industry workers, The Barristers, Cab drivers, BBC Journalists, The Corporate market, those customers conducting wedding events, Regular diners across London.

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New target segments for Bleeding Heart Restaurant (BHR)

Bleeding Heart Restaurant is located in the heart of London. London city is one of the most innovative and attractive culturally across the world. Many great and reputable world-class institutions are located in London. London also has the British Library, the Tate Modern Art Gallery, the Madame Tussauds and the famous Natural History Museum. London is canter to many international events and festivities like the famous annual London Marathon. This means many people across the world visit London City annually. This is the first new target segment for Bleeding Heart Restaurant. Other target customers include local Londoners who dine and wine in the neighboring bistro, people having annual events like birthdays, wedding anniversary celebrations, and employees from government and private offices. Other celebrations that will be of great focus include lovers on Valentine occasion, Easter and Christmas celebrations as well as other inter-faith celebrations like Jihad. There are also some learning institutions for higher education in the city of London where Bleeding heart Restaurant is located. The students, lecturers and other academicians and support staff from these institutions will serve a good target segment. The institutions include the City of London College, Polytechnic of Central London, the City University London among others. Lovers of the sport are also a major new segment. As one watches a football match in Wembley stadium, or spectate a cricket game at the Wimbledon, all these will form a great segment to focus on and target both in the existing restaurant and Bistro as well as in the newly acquired grounds, adjoining the old Bleeding Heart Restaurant.


The chosen media for advertisement is newspapers, and the target market is the lecturers and tutors in learning institutions across the city of London. This is based on the following benefits that accrue from advertising through the use of newspapers. To start with, newspapers have a wide audience. The newspaper can be accessed either in print or the online platform. The tutors will be able to access the newspaper on a daily basis. The same will be passed on to students in the learning institutions. The institutions include The University of North London, City University London and other learning institutions. Newspaper consumers or audience are diverse in many ways and have different tastes. Students, as they look for job advertisements and sports news, will come across an advertisement for the Bleeding Heart Restaurant as well as the new opening to be opened come July 2018 (Sridhar & Sriram 2015).

Newspapers are quite affordable to a large audience. Many institutions have an arrangement with newspaper vendors and printing companies that allow the institutions to access the newspaper at affordable rates. Institutions also have the e-reading platform to allow students, tutors, lecturers and support staff to read newspapers online. By so doing, these diverse readers have unlimited access to information including advertisements. This, therefore, places an advertisement by Bleeding Heart Restaurant at a better place to reach many consumers. The readers will get to know that the restaurant exists, the meals and drinks offered and when promotions and special events are lined up for them (Khatri 2016).

Newspaper advertisements have been proven beyond doubt that they are very trustworthy. Research has shown that newspapers lead in the paid advertising media standing at 58%, television ranks second at 54%, and online advertisements stand at 28%. This, therefore, means that an advert placed in a local newspaper will reach a large proportion of potential customers. This will greatly sell Bleeding Heart Restaurant, especially in the new outlet to be opened come July 2018.

Newspaper advertisements are very engaging and have minimal distractions as opposed to media like television where viewers are interrupted, or an advertisement may pass when the viewer is busy attending to other duties and chores. The latest digital version of reading newspapers online is slowly replacing the offline version. This has broadened the market for newspapers readers by just subscribing to online access. Both online and offline platforms offer more opportunities for marketing. This means that an advert placed in a newspaper will reach a wide audience to serve the purpose Bleeding Heart Restaurant intends to achieve.

Newspaper advertisements are very flexible. An advertisement placed on a newspaper can easily be changed to suit the needs of the advertiser any time as long as the deadline has not passed. This means if the first doesn't portray and pass the intended message; the message can be altered to suit what works best for the advertiser. Bleeding Heart Restaurant will change the advert to meet the intended purpose more so marketing the new branch to be opened in July.

Promotional Media to be placed in a Newspaper on grand re-opening.

Promotional Media - Email

Email Inbox Alert


We've got your dream hotel dreams in our budget. Welcome for a grand re-opening on 1st July 2018. A 25% off for meals and drinks. Plenty of cool jazz. Discover new experiences in our extended facilities. Miss, it misses out!!!!


The second chosen digital media advert is Email marketing. Email marketing has proven beyond doubt that it is one of the most successful platforms online that still holds above other online platforms. Research has shown that 86% of consumers prefer to receive a promotional email on a monthly basis. Another 15% prefer to receive the same promotional emails on a daily basis. Another research showed that 48% of all emails sent are opened through smartphones (Mullany 2004).

Advertising through emails reaps many benefits. To start with, email advertising is targeted. Bleeding Heart Restaurant will be in a position to send emails by segmenting the target customers. This can be done based on customer demographics, location or status. Bleeding Heart Restaurant will also be able to customize email messages according to customer needs. When there are offers that the restaurant and Bistro wish to extend to the customers, an email will serve that purpose. Customers will also be exposed to many restaurant and bistro products and services via emails (Nyheim et al., 2015).

Email marketing also helps to increase brand awareness. Every email sent by Bleeding Heart Restaurant and Bistro to its potential customers will expose the customers to the variety of products and services offered in the Restaurant. Moreover, email advertising enables customers to share your deals, offers, and news with their friends who also become part of your clientele. This, therefore, means customers become the restaurant's advocate (Chen & Berean 2011).

Email marketing is also measurable. This is because email advertising draws precise and valuable metrics such as the rate at which emails are opened, delivery rates and subscriber retention rates. Bleeding Heart restaurant can use emails sent to customers to monitor the kind of information customers are most responsive to. By so doing, the restaurant management will be in a better position to work out a strategy that offers customers messages that are most interesting to them. Lastly, email marketing is cost-effective. This is because there are no printing costs, no postage fees, and no advertising rates (Wright et al., 2010).


Public Relations are a management function that aims at establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships between a business organization and the people the organization serves. Superb public relations ideas play a major role in cost cutting especially on advertising costs (Jugenheimer et al., 2014)

In the new annexe that is targeted to start operations come July 2018, public relations will be employed to the maximum. To start with, the management will ensure that the restaurant has an online presence. A well detailed, easy to navigate website which will provide all the products and services that the hotel deals in. These will include different categories of meals and the price for each item, operating hours and many pictures of the restaurant. This will offer new and potential customers an opportunity to know more about the restaurant. There will also be coupons on special offers and deals for customers online. A Facebook page will be created for customers to like our page and will also be used to conduct draws for customers to win free meals and a glass of wine. There will also be promotions to attract repeat business. This will be done by offering customers coupons after dining for maybe a free dessert or a 20% offer in their next meal or drink. There will also be a loyalty program for rewarding customers who purchase products above a set minimum amount. This may include a free sandwich after purchasing three sandwiches. There will also be an all-inclusive meal for different holidays and specific nights (Kelley et al., 2015).

The new annexe will also be promoted to have a community presence. This will be done by sponsoring different sporting activities like soccer, tennis, and baseball. If London happens to host an international event like a marathon, the event will be sponsored by our new annexe. The kits will be labeled and branded with our new annexe name and outlook. Also, the mineral water for athletes and officials will be branded with our brand name and colors (Nolte 2016).

Lastly, there will be special events which will have the media invited to cover. These will include special holiday editions, special charity nights, and cooking and eating competitions which will be featured live in leading media stations. This will create a lasting positive impression on the new annexe. This, coupled with the success the old Bleeding Heart restaurant, will promote the new outlet to its apex (Gray et al., 2017).


To be able to reach as many customers as possible, it will be necessary to have a mix of promotional methods to launch the new restaurant annexe. To start with, there will be an advert which will be aired on leading television channels like BBC News (Boyland et al., 2015). This advert will run at prime times for a few seconds before the news. The advert will also be aired as part of a sponsor of some attractive TV programs. There will also be attractive and colorful billboards across the city of London. The billboards will show a well-displayed picture of the restaurant annexe and the services offered. Celebrities will also be part of the advertising mix (Adam & Ahmed 2017). These will include television actors and leading musicians as well as food critics who will be invited. Lastly, we shall have a colorful catalog which we shall dispatch to all learning institutions across London (Daries 2017). These will offer students and their lecturers and other support staff an opportunity to know about the restaurant annnexe and what it offers. The students will also get an opportunity to know how they can access jobs in the restaurant annexe. Those students pursuing courses related to food science and catering will also get to know how to join our restaur...

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