Maegan`s Post

Published: 2022-12-09
Maegan`s Post
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Meagan`s definition of evidence-based policing is right since evidence-based policing encompasses policy-making and strategic decision-making for police dockets. This is an expansion of all other evidence related spectra such as medicine, management, and policy (Labarthe, Goldstein, Antman, Arnett, Fonarow, Alberts, & Sacco, 2016). Maegan also says that evidence-based policing model has played an eminent role in criminal justice in recent decades. What I don't agree with, and what Meagan should have expounded on is what criminal justice is? Criminal justice is, of course, a global debate that is blurred. The justice systems involved in the search for criminal justice still have complex problems beyond just evidence-based policing (Pound, 2018). I also don't deny that evidence-based policing can be achieved through extensive research and higher education. Meagan even further says that departments that have not embraced evidence-based policing could perform better in pursuing criminal justice. However, she has not explained more about other problems that can affect the criminal justice paradigm (Sherman, 2018). Christian world view should also be given a place in the modeling of evidence-based policing since it has the potential to affect an officer`s manner in which he or she will handle a criminal act.

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Ander`s Post

Even though Ander has summarized every bit of the questions, he is right to mention that the essential element of evidence-based policing is evidenced-based management and scientific management (Sherman, 2018). But again, apart from crime analysis, many other fields evidenced-based policing can be applied. The identification of micro places with rampant crimes should be the least in this context. Again, the application of evidence-based policing in criminology and medicine departments is still not as per the expected standards (Johnson, Bullock, Sidebottom, Tompson, & Bowers, 2017). To convince more department to embrace evidence-based policing is not easy as Ander may have put it. This would involve complex processes, i.e., training the officers and giving the departments assurance that the policy will help them in evaluating criminal acts. I also feel that it was very significant for Ander to illustrate how global Christian view can affect evidence-based policing (Palmer, Kirby, & Phythian, 2019). Christian morals and ethical standards have the potential to transform the stages of evidence-based policing.


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