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Lyric poetry is a type of formal poetry where the persona expresses feelings and emotions, and the expressions are made in the first person. This kind of poetry is also based on meters that are regular, and are based on some syllables or stress on given syllables.

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In this poem, 'The Silesian Weavers' the approach to lyric poetry is classical. As explained above, there is a lot of expression of emotions and feelings by the persona, and a referral to himself in the first person, albeit in a group. Notably, this is exemplified in stanza 1 line 1 where the persona starts off by depicting a mod of seriousness where no tears of sadness are shed. Throughout the poem, the persona expresses sadness at injustices that are done against the weak, which is well exemplified in stanza 3. The poem is also arranged in meters of syllable numbers which are kept constant for the first three lines of the poem; they have changed the variable for the last two lines.

Reading a poem written in lyric poetry influences the way that it is understood. The fact that this kind of poem is metered, and has a lot of repetition as exemplified by this poem, the reader will often read it like a song which has a rhythm. This rhythm allows the reader to understand the poem better in a way that the persona represents it. Presumably, this is because rhythm puts stress in some parts of the text, which are frequently laden with meaning in the poem. As such, this is exemplified in stanza 2 as the persona speaks of a god who abandoned them. The emphasis is placed on the words at the middle and end of the meters, which convey the most emotion and meaning concerning what the persona wants to put across.

This genre is well suited to a subject that is concerned with the expression of deep emotion. Romance is an excellent example of a subject that would be portrayed very well with this kind of genre, and the same goes for all other subjects in which there is the expression of joy or passion. A plea to authority concerning a form of injustice also suffices as a subject that would be well represented in this kind of poetry. Notably, this is the subject of the study poem, where the persona's motherland is referred to as a superior power to all those others that caused s much suffering to the people.

The purpose that this genre achieves is heightening of awareness of those who read it on the content represented in it. In most cases, the persona conveys a message that describes their own beliefs and convictions on a given topic, and they use the poem to explain their thoughts to their readers. This helps the reader to see matters from the standpoint of the persona, and eventually, the readers will identify with the plight of the persona. Thus in expressing so much emotion, this genre succeeds in making a matter, especially a sensitive one, known to more people. It also succeeds in convincing people of the persona's way of thought. Though this kind of poetry a persona may educate their readers.

The expectation of lyric poetry as a genre that communicates emotional situations in the life of the persona, one may presuppose the intentions represented in the book. A reader may, therefore, jump to conclusions before reading the complete work since they know that till the end, the persona will expressing their emotions and opinion. This may hamper proper reading through a poem which beats the true reason why the poem was published or circulated, which is to be read.

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