Latin American Culture Essay Sample

Published: 2022-11-21
Latin American Culture Essay Sample
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The Latin American region extends from Mexico in the north to Argentina in the south, and its people are well known for their welcoming nature and happiness. Seventy percent of their population is found in five countries; California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Illinois. Although their primary language is Spanish, Portuguese gets also used in Brazil. However, they get divided into different local groups depending on their accents, vocabulary, and phrases. Latin Americans are also famous for their sensual dances including the samba and salsa. Also notable is the presence of many actors and films by Latin Americans which become famous and successful. Each Latin American country has many known dishes such as tacos and burritos from Mexico and bandeja paisa from Colombia. They also have vineyards which produce good quality wine, for example in Chile and Argentina.

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Majority of Latin Americans belong to the Catholic religion introduced to them by the Spanish conquerors and which also integrates their native beliefs. Religion is important to them as they constantly light candles to specific religious figures to obtain favours. Religion is also the center of most of their family traditions such as often spending time together and helping raise and educate the younger members. They also emphasize personal appearance which is a source of honour, nobility, and pride. Moreover, Latin Americans have a variety of annual festivals most of which last for several days such as the Carnaval, the day of the dead and Inti Raymi. Archaeological sites are also common all over Latin America including the Peru ruins, Guatemala temples and Maya pyramids found in Mexico, which serve as tourist destinations that display the people's culture.

Colourful markets are also common especially in the Andean countries, such as Peru, Mexico, and Guatemala, which deal in textiles, weaving cans, hammocks, and rugs. Latin Americans have additionally invested in art beginning with figures drawn in ceremonial temples during the Olmec Civilization in pre-colonial times to modern artists such as Diego Rivera's murals. Their artwork is both tribal and native displaying their indigenous tribes and the passing civilizations and constitutes paintings, songs, poems, and photographs. Also notable is the presence of Latin American literature which ranges from imaginative stories to those of a political and ideological nature. The literature influences the minds of many and has received support from critics and the public nationally and internationally.

Latin Americans have also made significant contributions to the United States of America beginning with their participation in the War of Independence which helped in establishing and preserving unity and strengthening the nation's economy. Secondly, names and cities of many towns get derived from their culture including Alamo, Colorado, and Nevada. Moreover, a Mexican inventor, Guillermo Gonzalez, gave the world its first colour television which was modified by NASA to become a standard for its space crafts. Also, the current American dollar sign, $, was formerly the Spanish American peso before it got embraced nationally. Americans also learned how to prepare barbecue after the Spanish presented pigs to the world combined with the Caribbean's method of simmering meat over indirect heat. Additionally, Latin Americans are the source of many words incorporated in the United States' official English language such as a tornado, chocolate, and alligators. Lastly, Mexican farmers worked on American farms during World War 2 to make up for the reduced labour thus helped feed the nation and its soldiers.

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