Free Essay Sample on Casual Apparel in Workplace

Published: 2020-08-13
Free Essay Sample on Casual Apparel in Workplace
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Casual apparel also known as business casual is appropriate dress code for use on informal occasions which is not official. Every person has a unique taste in the dressing that can be classic, fashionable or vintage. Casual apparel has a different meaning for the various groups of individuals. Casual clothing has little restriction on what to wear but care should be taken so that one does not violate the working code of ethics. In the workplace, the professional image should be maintained. The employees in a casual workplace are free to dress in a comfortable business casual attire (Goodall, H. L., Goodall, S., & Schiefelbein, 2010). Personal grooming should be observed to avoid personal embarrassment or that of your institution due to mismatched clothing choices. You should not distract others with your Casual business dress. It should be simple so that it should not disturb anybody in office. Your workmates will concentrate more on what you are wearing instead of what you are saying especially when your attire is not appropriate for work

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In a casual workplace, men can wear appropriate trouser attires like slacks, corduroy pants or khakis that are properly hemmed. In the construction sites, home-improvement centers or outdoor jobs some clean, rip-free blue jeans are acceptable. In a casual work environment, women can wear skirts, slacks, dress pants, and dresses. Casual workplaces require a closed-toed or closed heel shoe and will depend on the type of physical environment and work performed. Work clothing should be clean, wrinkle-free and a right choice for the job making you feel comfortable. Clothes like T-shirts, miniskirts, short, excessive high heels and tube tops should be avoided at the workplace because they portray an offensive image.

A scarf, tie, watch or an attractive jewelry piece are a good casual wear when matched with unusual clothing that meets the wardrobe standards. Casual attire is often opposed by most employers because the boundaries of what is acceptable are often violated. It is said that a relaxed dress code can lead to reduced productivity and bad behavior in a workplace (Goodall, H. L., Goodall, S., & Schiefelbein 2010). The head to toe appearance should be neat and polished with well-groomed hair and polished shoes. Avoid excessive jewelry and makeup. Use fewer perfumes and wear sober color clothes.

Casual apparel has helped improve employee morale, increase efficiency, open communication at a workplace. Casual wear is economical because they are less expensive and improve the quality of work. Companies benefit from casual apparel at the workplace because it makes the workplace more flexible and productive. A feeling of freedom for employees will lead to better attitude at work and improved relations among employees.

On the other hand, customers may feel uncomfortable if you behave in more casual way. The loyalty of a company will decrease due to relaxed manners caused by relaxed dress codes. Slowness increases, relaxed morale and relaxed productivity are among the consequences of casual apparel. Forming a commercial casual dress code in a business allows employees to work contentedly in the workplace. Casual clothing is not suitable for an office. It is always prudent to wear professionally in a workplace to paint a good reputation for yourself and that of the institution.


Goodall, H. L., Goodall, S., & Schiefelbein, J. (2010). Business and professional communication in the global workplace. Boston, MA: Wadsworth Pub.

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