Reflection Essay Sample on Cappuccino Trail Movie

Published: 2022-06-01
Reflection Essay Sample on Cappuccino Trail Movie
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This is one of the best documentaries that I have ever watched. I loved the way it started with a globe of the earth moving from one area to another. This introduction gives one an idea that what is about to be discussed is a global product. The fact that there is even a coffee attendant at the beginning speaking in a foreign language confirms that the documentary involves a commodity that is used by all regardless of their culture or nationality. And true to what I expected coffee which is a global trading commodity is the main topic of discussion in the video

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I have always wondered why coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world after oil. But the way this video discussed this black gold made me understand. I always knew that coffee is a stimulant but how one of the coffee expertise talks about it being a drug makes me understand why it has such a huge market. He says that whenever the quality is good, the customer will always ask for another cup which I agree because I have found myself even having three cups. I understand from him that it's a drug and therefore it must be addictive, and that could be the reason why many people love it. It's just like cocaine only that it has been legalized.

Comparing coffee to cocaine I feel is right in so many ways. For example like cocaine, coffee brings a lot of income. Much of this money ends up in the hands of the cartels like in the case of the cocaine. This is evident in the movie when we see the brokers with papers trying to predict the market of the coffee. The farmers are the ones doing all the work yet getting only a small portion of the money while the rest goes to the middlemen.

I was impressed by how the producer of this movie used it to advise the farmers about coffee price. This is by indicating how the price of coffee goes up enticing many farmers to plant more coffee at the same time only for the prices to go extremely low soon after they are ready because of excessive supply. This has led the farmers always to be the ones suffering. I feel that if farmers can watch this film, they can realize that there are forces controlling this market which needs to be dealt with immediately to earn maximally from their products. The film has even gone a step further to show how they can process their coffee and eliminate the middlemen.

I appreciate the effort that the film has made in showing how the coffee is prepared right from the garden, harvesting, storage, processing and being prepared in coffee shops for consumption. It is clear that for high-quality coffee beverage, the right coffee quality needs to be prepared while considering all the factors such as pressure and temperature.

Despite how the movie was effective, there are some setbacks that I feel ought to have been taken care of. The main shortcoming being the complicated mixing of issues. At one moment the movie is about coffee and then even without a warning we are in strawberries and bananas. From my understanding the movie aimed at comparing these two commodities with coffee to show how superior coffee is in the market. But I think that it would have been a better idea if the narrator could guide the audience to avoid being lost on the way. With this one shortcoming being addressed accordingly I would confidently say that this documentary was great and educative to the farmers, traders and even the consumers of coffee.

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