Find Out How to Pass Exams Easily from Our Free Essay

Published: 2019-06-14
Find Out How to Pass Exams Easily from Our Free Essay
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To begin with, it is necessary to mention that the period of exams is very difficult for all students especially when they pass them for the first time. It is the time when students overload themselves because they need to revise a lot of information in order to prepare well. Sometimes they lose their heads because they do not know what to start with. It grows into huge problem for them. So, it is important to facilitate this process. That is why, the purpose of this research is to identify what difficulties students have while preparing for exams. What mistakes do they make? In addition, to give some tips how to prepare for exams quickly and easily.

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First of all, to prepare well it is necessary to plan the revision properly. Every student should have his own timetable for revision. It will be useful to start preparing in the morning because you feel cheerful and your brain is ready to apprehend the information. Another important task is to plan your own order of the subject that you should revise. For example, it can be one hour for one subject. Of course, it is very important to make breaks. The researchers advise to have one brake for 5-10 minutes every half an hour. It can be nice to change your activity during your break. You may do some physical exercises or go for a jog.

Secondly, when you prepare for exams you should find a silent place where you can feel free and where you will not be disturbed. It can be your own room in the house or reading hall in the library. The next step is to prepare all useful material for your exams. It can be the information from your lecture, your course book or some pieces of information from reliable Internet sources. Then, it would be nice to take some notes or underline all significant information with different colors to memorize easily. Also, you may ask your teacher to give you some examples of previous test papers in order to test yourself. Another important measure is to ask your peers or parents to put you questions. It will be a good training for you (Jain).

When students prepare for exams for the first time, they certainly face some difficulties and cannot avoid some mistakes. Sometimes they choose a wrong way while preparing for their exams. One of the biggest mistakes is not to have enough sleep. Every student craves for preparing quickly for exams or sometimes simply leaves their revision until later and in result spends all day and night memorizing and revising. It is the first step to feel exhausted and sleepy on the day of the exam. When students do not have breaks and do not divert their attention from preparation, they do harm to their mental and physical health. There is no need to lock yourself in your room. Some students also take easy to their exams. They invent some humoristic methods how to pass exams easily but it is a wrong approach. One day they may have a good luck and receive a good mark while the other day their tricks may not work (Kirigha).

In conclusion, it is relevant to mention that a day of exam is very important for every student. It is the time to show your worth. It demands good preparation. So, do not joke and play any tricks to deceive your teacher. Use your energy sparingly and plan carefully your revision. Involve your friends and relatives in this process. Do not overload yourself and try to spend some time in the fresh air while having breaks. Think positively about the day of the exam and you will certainly pass it with flying colors. In addition to this, reward yourself after obtaining good degrees to give you the drive to do even better the next time. Do your best and be self-confident these are the keys to success.


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