Essay Sample on Live Concerts After COVID-19

Published: 2023-12-27
Essay Sample on Live Concerts After COVID-19
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Live music concerts have slowly returned in some nations; however, it is nothing compared to how they were conducted before the Covid-19 pandemic. Sold out shows, shows with blasting speakers, cramming together at shows alongside crowd surfing musicians are a thing of the past, the live concerts are nothing like before. Additionally, free-wheeling gigs do not exist. While before the strike of Covid-19, thousands of people attended these concerts; currently, the shows are characterized by small crowds made up of think dozens. It is among the proves that live concerts after Covid-19 would change. The paper focuses on how the landscape of live music concerts would change alongside noting the significant changes.

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Factors such as concerns about the spread of Covid-19 via spreading droplets limits the use of wind instrument players and the number of singers in a concert to a maximum of two simultaneously. A new rule had to be implemented concerning the distance of singers sharing a single stage; they have to be at least 4 meters apart (Botstein, 2019). However, they can choose to have a physical barrier between them. After Covid-19, the landscape of live music concerts would change since crowds would be expected to be at least 5 meters away from the stage. The landscape of the live shows would change due to policies employed to governments to curb the spread of Covid 19. The event promoters might never recover from those policies (Botstein, 2019). Policies such as live concerts to be instrumental only, no singing, and venues hosting live music to be on patios would lead to change after Covid-19. Also, bands would be expected to keep the decibels down since loud singing would project particles; patrons would not be expected to shout to be heard. An example is Vancouver, which is among the many cities where live concerts have returned acts as a prove. Venues in Vancouver hold a maximum of 50% full, and plastic barriers protect them. The shows would be “musical aquarium” (Botstein, 2019).

The live music concerts would not go back like before Covid-19. There will be significant changes; seeing artists perform would not be the same for quite a long time. Even after Covid-19, guests would be asked to sign in, for the purpose of being traced if necessary (Botstein, 2019). Patrons would be expected to remain in their assigned spots and seats. For the foreseeable future, access to sound checks, VIP concert tickets, and photos with artists might be a thing of the past (Botstein, 2019). Changes would be inevitable since crowds would still be afraid of the unknown. Also, taking temperatures at the entrance might continue to be exercised for a long time.


Botstein, L. (2019). The Future of Music in America: The Challenge of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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