Essay Example. Personal Statement for Optometry School

Published: 2023-08-21
Essay Example. Personal Statement for Optometry School
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Ever since my early school years, I have always believed that studying not only entails reading books and passing exams but also pursuing courses that are aligned with one’s career interests, which, ultimately, guarantee a fulfilling professional life after school. In this regard, my interests have been in the medical field, where I always desire to learn human physiology and anatomy and understand how these aspects relate to human health. These interests stem from my past encounters with optometrists, which sparked the desire to understand the functioning of the human eye, its common defects, and ways of treating these defects. This desire explains my choice to pursue optometry.

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Although joining optometry school fascinates me, it also challenges me to explore a highly specialized medical field that requires discipline and focus. I believe that some of my life experiences depict my desire to push limits and take up new challenges, where I derive my sense of purpose. One such challenge was overcoming my fear of swimming. I developed this fear when I almost drowned at the beach at the age of 6. Following this incident, my parents decided to register me for swimming lessons, where I learned how to swim and overcame my fear.

At the age of 16, I worked in a construction company, specifically in an indoor air and ventilation role, which is labor-intensive. I started as a helper but I have been promoted recently to a junior mechanic. The greatest challenge from this experience was learning blueprints and sketches, which despite their complexity improved my problem-solving skills and critical thinking ability. Furthermore, the construction job also taught me to be resilient and patient, which I believe will be crucial qualities that will push me through optometry school.

My passion for optometry began at the age of 11 when I had appointments with an optometrist for regular eye check-ups. The optometrist diagnosed me with near-sightedness and recommended that I needed to start wearing glasses. This condition was strange to my family and always stressed my parents. Nonetheless, I remained calm knowing that even though I was the first one in my family to be diagnosed with the eye condition, I would also be the first to pursue optometry and understand such defects and how to treat them. For this reason, I became motivated to study biology and medical-related courses at lower education levels and specialize in optometry as I advanced my studies.

In high school, I studied ophthalmology and got an internship as a shadow ophthalmologist for 2 weeks during the summer break. I, however, rejected an ophthalmologist job after the internship since it coincided with my swimming classes. In college, I majored in biology and focused on zoology since I loved studying animals. However, after my sophomore year, I decided to pursue an emergency medical technician (EMT) certification, which enabled me to secure a job as an EMT. This job exposed me to the medical profession as I interacted with doctors and nurses and discussed issues such as patients’ medical histories and disease symptoms. The job was also tough and although I quit after 6 months, I always felt contented knowing that I contributed to diagnosing and treating numerous patients. Not only was this EMT job satisfying but it also prepared me for my brief shadowing experience as an optometrist.

This shadowing experience lasted for 3 years, which, unlike my past interactions with an optometrist, exposed me to the actual profession. I became interested in learning about eye defects such as cataracts and boost the little knowledge I had about these defects having been diagnosed with near-sightedness earlier. Moreover, the interactions I witnessed during this experience motivated my plans to join the optometry school. One such interaction was between the optometrist and patients, whereby I liked seeing patients being joyful whenever the optometrist recommended specific glasses to boost their eyesight. I also appreciated the diversity of patients ranging from young people to the elderly, which I never experienced when I shadowed an ophthalmologist in high school. Moreover, I appreciated the diversity in workplaces since I shadowed the optometrist both in the office and at home. I participated in-home care visits, where I got a different perspective of optometry away from the clinical setting and understood the need for these visits to assist patients who are unable to leave their homes due to chronic ailments.

I believe that the above experiences in school, work, and extra-curricular activities have prepared me adequately for optometry school and the profession later. Swimming has taught me how to turn fears into abilities and to challenge myself. My work in construction has taught me to be patient and persistent while my work as an EMT and shadow optometrist has enlightened me about how to interact with patients, determine their conditions, and offer the most appropriate treatment. Therefore, I intend to build on these experiences, specifically in the medical field, by pursuing an optometry course. Thereafter, I intend to become a professional optometrist and open an eye clinic that will serve patients from all walks of life.

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