Essay Example on My Reasons for Pursuing Clinical Psychology

Published: 2023-12-28
Essay Example on My Reasons for Pursuing Clinical Psychology
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The first time I had the realization I wanted to study Clinical Psychology was back in high school. Before then, I had always thought mental health and behavior is subject to one's choosing. I felt that as long as you choose to have good mental health, it would be so. My personal experience with depression and anxiety helped me understand it differently. Like any disease, it is worth recognizing and one seeking for help to get better. From my realization, the reasons for pursuing Clinical Psychology became evident, and I have done everything possible to ensure that I got the necessary educational requirement to pursue this career. The write-up below entails details the reasons as to why I choose Clinical psychology.

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Firstly, I choose Clinical Psychology to create awareness of mental illnesses. Often it is easy to deal with a problem if we know it is viable. Mental illness signs and symptoms affect our emotions, behaviors, and thoughts. We ignore these signs and symptoms, thinking that there must be an underlying cause for why one feels how they feel. For example, if one is continuously sad, they blame it on the things around them that are not going well. Ignorance helps us feed the destructive emotions, thoughts, or behaviors. The condition then worsens with days, and by the time one recognizes what is going on, it is a critical stage. I dream that one day we would all be able to recognize mental illnesses as first s any other disease to make it easier to treat before it has adverse effects on anyone.

Secondly, it is my goal to fight the stigma that follows mental illnesses. At times some individuals know that what they are going through is a mental illness, but they do not seek care as they are afraid of stigmatization. Being segregated for any cause is not a simple experience. Everyone always wants to fit in and be like the rest of their classmates, workmates, or teammates. This drives them to behave like everything is fine until they are behind closed doors. It increases the cases of suicides in the country. Imagine a time when mental illness will be considered normal. A time when people agree that it is okay not to be okay. People will not have to hide who they are, and they will seek treatment early enough to prevent darker thoughts from harboring in their minds.

Moreover, I would like to champion for the fact that mental illness is curable. As stated earlier, it is possible to deal with a problem once we realize it is a problem. A patient often goes to the doctor once they know that they would be cured of their ailing. I want people to be sure that there is a cure for any mental illness. Like any illness, people should be willing to put in the work to get better. One should not think that certain traits are embedded in their personality, and they could not possibly get better. Blaming oneself will not help anything.

Lastly, I would like to normalize therapy. Therapy is one way to deal with mental illness. Sometimes we don’t talk about our genuine feeling to the people around us for fear of being misinterpreted. Therapy helps us talk it out without being judged. It helps us feel able to go through challenges and cope with various situations. It helps us be aware of the symptoms and strong emotions to avoid conditions that lead us to have those feelings. It also helps strengthen one's confidence and heals one from past pain.

In conclusion, Clinical Psychology is indeed, a personally chosen career. It goes hand in hand with my goal to normalize mental illness. It also aligns with my genuine need for people to normalize mental illness treatment and therapy. A society where people do not segregate mentally ill patients is one where the patients will seek for help. And this will aid in providing a safe space for everyone.

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