Literature Review on Steve Jobs Personality, Essay Sample

Published: 2022-03-14
Literature Review on Steve Jobs Personality, Essay Sample
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Driven by demons and great determination, Steve could drive those around him to fury and despair. However, his personality and products were interrelated, just like Apple software and hardware tended to be as if part of an intergraded system. His story is instructive and cautionary as many people think and filled with lessons about character, leadership and various values that eventually transformed the telecommunication industry to date (Reader, 2013). Everybody if not all know about Steve Jobs, how he was aggressive throughout his entire life, and how he has inspired many entrepreneurs in today's world besides bringing many technological advancements.

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From his abrasive trait to success, it is evident that abrasive personality can lead to one's success and transform others in regards to technological developments. In most occasions, many people do not tolerate those with this kind of personality since they are annoying and are ever full of complaints. Also, they are always indifferent to the views of the majority. This act of being indifferent was a great decision by Job since he was creating controversies for good reason as some of the authors could say. Since many successful individuals face criticism from a section of people, Steve was criticized since he made several attempts on his ambitions but failed. However, he did didn't stop but succeed in the long run because his failures motivated him (Antony & Montgomery, 2009).

Some authors like Walter Isaacson labeled him as a man who thought different with others while other authors too criticized him because his trait made him even to lose his close friend. Born in 1955 in San Francisco, California he became a charisma individual with great determination after dropping out of school and exhibiting his fidelity as described by Walter Isaacson and other authors (Elliot & Simon, 2011). This made him prosper in all his undertakings. Steve had a great sense of humor about himself and the way those who were close to him viewed him. Ideally, I think it became normal for Steve to be criticized and to be left alone at some point in time to carry out what he believed in.

He had a slogan of "Stay hungry, Stay foolish." Stay hungry stipulated that a person should not at any time be satisfied with whatever he has at hand because there is always an opportunity to make more improved things. With this ambition, the revolution of the telecommunication industry was not far from achieving since he could now design different Apple products with unique features. On the other hand, Walter Isaacsons indicates that Steve used the phrase "stay foolish" to alert everyone that was close to him that in case they feel foolish enough at any time and there is still room for them to learn a lot in life, they should therefore worry no more (Gallo & Mangan, 2011).

Using these two slogans, Steve was determined in coming up with innovations including the development of Apple I and II, development of graphic user interface and finally transforming multiple industries. In addition to this, he changed the course of personal computers during his time at the Apple Company besides inspiring many entrepreneurs across the entire globe. Today, Steve is known as one of the greatest American innovators alongside Henry Ford and Water Disney. Indeed abrasive personality can lead to the transformation of many people about technology and eventually lead to one's success hence should not be ignored many organizations today.


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