Essay Example on Social Media Strategies: Personal Branding

Published: 2023-08-23
Essay Example on Social Media Strategies: Personal Branding
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The logo is dependent on two elements; color and design. The design consists of the earth and two stock market arrows. The earth is painted green and blue; the stock market’s green arrows point to the upper side while the red arrows point down, and they both surround the globe.

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The primary inspiration for creating the logo design is that the world is a global village where people are connected to each other due to the propagation of media technologies. The logo chosen is simple and precise and only contains two symbols that are a representation of my personality and other aspects of myself as a human being.

Personality and Symbolism in the Logo

The earth was chosen as the primary image for the logo, and it represents the planet on which human beings are living. The image of the globe is symbolic of my life and holds significant meaning in my life. Due to my father’s nature of work, I got the opportunity to travel to many countries all over the world when I was young. My father’s career was in international business and diplomacy; thus, he was required to constantly move from one state to another across the world. The traveling made me develop a professional attitude and personality due to the environment I was to which I was exposed and raised. Every country in which i lived shaped my life differently and made me who I am today. I got to know and learn about different cultures, traditions, norms, and values since I interacted with different people from diverse environments that significantly impacted my personality. I got the opportunity to attend galas, professional dinners, and other special occasions that were organized by the embassy. Therefore, the globe on the logo is a representation of me growing up in various western countries, and the personality I developed as a result. However, I still identify with mu Kuwaiti culture and traditions, and I have no intention of letting them go.

The two symbols on the logo are a representation of the majors I am taking, international affairs, and economics. My greatest inspiration is my father, who taught me to be resilient, focused, disciplined, and successful by setting goals and working towards them regardless of the challenges. My father taught me that nothing everything is possible regardless of one’s gender, race, social class, religion, and other factors. I consider myself a shy person but a strong and ambitious woman who has the strength to accomplish all the goals and objectives that I set for myself. The logo also symbolizes the international market, and the significant role it plays in the world. International marketing increases the customer base and market share, thus paving the way for future business opportunities. Furthermore, the process assists business across the globe to connect and leads to the development of new technologies.

I desire to work in an organization that suits my interests. For instance, I do find myself suitable for firms that give their employees ample freedom. Instead, I would like to work in a similar environment in which I grew up in intergovernmental organizations. I also want to be an entrepreneur and establish my business since I have all skills, experience, and academic requirements to do that.

The stock market arrows symbolize my study areas as well as the job in which I am interested. The arrows face up and down to represent the good times and challenges that I have gone through in my life that have shaped my personality today. The green and red colors were chosen for a specific reason. The green color is presumed as a representation of success, while red is seen as a sign of immense failure. In life, one must go through challenges and failures on the road to success. The failures have also shaped my life since I have learned lessons that I use as I am for success. As an individual, I love basic colors; thus, I chose red and green to be the logo’s theme colors. However, I defined the colors in a unique manner that is different from how other people perceive them to be.

Simplicity is one of the factors that significantly defined who I am since it holds a deeper meaning. My simple logo is what can be defined as “a picture of a thousand words.”

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