Essay Sample: Leadership Role as an Independent Consultant

Published: 2020-08-13
Essay Sample: Leadership Role as an Independent Consultant
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A position in leadership places an individual in the spotlight. Leaders are expected to deliver as per the expectations of the organization. The expectations of the company are contained in the job descriptions of the individual. A CEO is expected to work towards maximizing the performance of the organization, ensure proper learning of the organization, and ensure that the short term and the long-term goals of the organization are met. The CEO therefore, needs to be a very skillful in his duties to ensure all the activities of the company run as expected. CEO should be evaluated to determine their effectiveness in their roles by considering the areas that they perform best, those that they fail to perform how they perceive opportunities and their method of dealing with the challenges.

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A SWOT analysis may be useful in evaluating a leader since he or she is viewed as the face of the organization. The SWOT analysis technique allows a person to assess his or her strengths and weaknesses and identify the opportunities and threats presented to him (Nordmann & Rassmann 2015). The techniques can also be used by an outside party to evaluate some other person. When one uses it on themselves, they can be able to make the situations better by capitalizing on their strengths, improving on their areas of weakness, seize opportunities, and mitigate the challenges. Ultimately, the SWOT analysis is meant to increase the prospects of an individual or a project. While it does not make the individual fully efficient, it helps in the improvement of the situation through weaknesses elimination and challenge mitigation (Gretzky, 2010).

Camilla Scott

Camilla Scott is a successful Arbonne Independent Consultant. Arbonne is the best international company dealing with non-chemical beauty products that deal exclusively with direct sales. Direct sales companies do not have a retail location where the consumer products are stocked. Instead, the goods are through face-to-face interaction between the company representatives and the consumers. In most cases, the companies employ sales representatives who may have a monthly salary or not. In case they do not have a monthly salary, the representatives benefit from selling the consumer products at the set price but at a commission. In the case of Arbonne International, the consultants are not paid which means that the Independent consultants rely on what they make for their upkeep (Arbonne 2015).

The process of becoming an Arbonne Independent Consultant requires some sign-up fee and a fee that facilitates the creation of an Arbonne domain for easier clientele sourcing. Each independent consultant is supposed to create his or her own customer base to ensure that the business runs profitably. Each one of them purchases the products from the company using their capital and, therefore, has to resell. For every product sold, a certain commission is gained. In this case, if an individual fails to sell the beauty products, then he or she will lose both the capital invested and the potential income from the products. However, the products are of good quality and sell fast that makes it a viable venture for the consultants.

The catch with being an Arbonne consultant is that each of the independent consultants can convince other people to become a consultant too. If an independent consultant convinces another person to become one, then that person joins the network of the first consultant. The first consultant will also get a cut from the second consultant. The other consultant can also recruit a network of other consultants from whom he will receive a cut from his sales. When one enrolls with Arbonne International, it becomes their business since you are not an employee of the company. The more individuals one recruits then, the more income one gets. Increased returns are also assured by creating a large and loyal customers base enabling consistent purchases of the products. The good quality of the products and their lack of chemicals is an added advantage for Arbonne products over the other beauty products that are predominantly made of chemicals (Johnson 2010).

In the case of Camilla Scott as an independent consultant, then she is the leader of how company. It is, therefore, important to understand her as an individual and the specific products that she deals in. Scott realizes that she exists in a competitive environment. She, therefore, has to ensure that means both the products and the services offered are high quality to ensure that the objectives of the organization that includes growth and terms of sales and subsequent profit. Just like any other business, without profit, the organization would go bankrupt, and Scott would face all the consequences alone.

Scott employs different concepts and theories to ensure that the company growth. Apart from dealing with the sale of beauty products, she also hosts a Spa for her clients diversifying on the income generation methods for her company. Her major competitors include Skin care analysis, Client advocacy, relaxation and massage, client consultation and education, skin rejuvenation and Micro Derma Bras I an. The competitors are mainly classified into skin suppliers and the massage and relaxation providers. Arbonne leads in the production of skin care and other products which makes gives it an added advantage over other factors. It means that in the skin care productions other factors apart from quality would dictate the competition. In this case, Scott ensures that the other factors are favorable to the customers to ensure Arbonne is the preferred option among the clientele.

To make the company match the competition, Scott intends to make the use the Four Ps strategy where she will ensure that the services she offers are of very high quality. At the moment, the Arbonne products are doing great since they are the best products in skin and health care products. However, the competitors have diversified in a way that makes the company miss the opportunities that are available in the market. The four Ps as the strategy required by Scott are the concepts that she wants to base her company on to make it more competitive. The four P's include the Price, Product, Promotion, and place. The prices of the beauty products and skin care production are fair comparing with the prices of the other products. However, the product is high quality for the existing products. However, about the product, Scott wants to incorporate a state of the Art Spa that uses traditional methods to offer treatment and beauty services to the customers. Promotion involves marketing the products to the customers with the intent of increasing the clientele base thereby leading to the growth of the company. Additionally, the place needs to be strategic. Arbonne products are known all over the World due to the size of the company and the thousands of individual consultants. With the setting of the spa, increased well-planned promotion activities will be necessary. Scott plans to utilize a holistic marketing approach where the designs will be planned, developed and implemented recognizing the breath and the interdependencies of the company (Gordon, 2012).

In her company, Scott views an opportunity in the Spa where she will be able to come up with traditional services that her pool of clienteles has not experience. She anticipates having drawn many customers from her exceptional massage services. In this instance, she wants to use innovation to come up with a very effective product that will put her company above any other competitor she perceives. Competition can be dealt with through the introduction of new products that make the organization stand out from the rest of the organizations (Barringer 2015). However, the product must be of appeal to customers to ensure that they will consume to bring profits to the organization. A company makes invest in producing new products, but the people might not be interested in the product leading to huge losses. The only way to do make sure that the company does not make a loss through the introduction of new services is the conduct of a market research. A market research will show what product is high in demand among the clientele, the nature of the demand (constant or intermittent), the value of the product to the clientele and how the product should be packaged. After all, the clientele is the boss in such a scenario, and a business that invests blindly without its consultation will experience significant losses as a result. In the case of market research, Scott substitutes it with a holistic marketing approach. She does not deem it important to find whether there was an interested clientele in her services at the new Spa. Looking at her decision to give exceptional services at her Spa, she expects that the clientele will love them and start attending for increased profits. However, all she can do is anticipate since she is not certain of the clientele's preferences. Her decision is not evidence-based and, therefore, presents doubts about its workability towards the provision of high-quality services as expected by the customers.

The new Products

Indian head massage and marma points

To arrive at the new products to invest in, Scott uses a theoretical framework to identify that a beginner Spa Therapist includes five basic techniques. However, the techniques used are common to all the competitors. In this case, Scott seeks it viable to hire a specialist who will offer massages through the pressure points albeit in confidentiality. Application of the marma points like in the case of the Indian head massage is also a consideration of the new Spa. The Indian head massage was commonly used as a treatment for the head and the neck. Among the ancient Americans, the Indian head massage was used for healing the people for their relaxation and the treatment process. However, other people sought the Indian head massage as a healing strategy for many other reasons. The Indian head massage through the application of the marma points were used as natural healing modalities.

The Indian Head massage and marma points are examples of a traditional form of treatment known as the Ayurvedic treatment. Ayurvedic treatments are very effective methods of traditional treatment, which earns them the name of "Mother of all healings.' The terms show the confidence that the people who have used the forms of treatment earlier. The specialists using the treatments are also wary of the benefits of the massage for the customers. The various Ayurvedic treatments show a rich history making it necessary for the Therapists to learn it. By learning it, the specialists get to know how effective the modalities can become and what each modality treats (Ayurveda 2015).

The Ayurvedic education is found in Vedas, which are ancient writings that were compiled by Indian mistakes known as the Rishis. A therapist is supposed to consider five Vedic principles when conducting the Indian head massage and the marma points. The first principle includes recognition of the body as a component of light and energy, which can be used to cause the five senses when applied to the body of the civilian. A specialist should give the client a multisensory experience through the Indian head massage and the Sharma points. The second principle involves the consideration of the physiological characteristics of the client including the height, weight, Facial structure, body frame and the hair, nails and skin conditions (Zisman, Goldberg & Vaniegas 2003). The behavior and the lifestyle of the client are also of equal importance. Third, the manifestation of the five elements, which include the earth, water, air, fire, and space, in the clients soul, are consider...

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