Exploring the Transformation of Futuristic Music: Essay Sample

Published: 2023-03-02
Exploring the Transformation of Futuristic Music: Essay Sample
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Futuristic music was composed of various poets, including Marinetti, Balla, Cavachioloi, Boccioni, and Papini, among others. Futuristic music is a transformation of traditional music to a new era of Art of Noises with marvelous innovations. The emergence of noise is attributed to the technological advancement that led to the invention of machines. While music in the old life was silent, the futuristic music is noisy, mimicking the atmosphere in which people live. In major cities, and almost everywhere there is noise. Although noise interrupts the silent, pure sound, futuristic music is enlarges and enriches the field of sounds.

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Listener portrays different impressions over several works, and this creates various comparisons between certain music. Each music will be perceived differently depending on the noise present. Multiple cues are expressed differently in different music tunes. Noise plays critical role in the expression of the various aspects and scenarios of the plays. Each music when played has specific meaning that is different from the other. Low voice music expresses scenarios befitting comfortability while high voice music depicts a noisy place with high rate of disorder. For instance, at a party, physical noise is usually played and interferes with communication. It can, therefore, express the presence of a party where people are enjoying the occasion. In music, noise can be unpitched, loud, unwanted, uncontrolled, unmusical, or indeterminate. Noise in music acts as a sensory system activator. In this regard, different music will be regarded differently depending on how it stimulates the sensory system of the listener.

In traditional instrumental music, several aspects exist that define the music scenario. The poets have been successful in t5he use of music aspects such as sonic to depicts a particular element in the music. When expressed in that manner a specific meaning is denoted. Sound poetry satisfies the need to express subjective intention, anarchical fantasy, and pre-language degeneration.

Poet F.T Marinetti used his sonic poem to depict drama. This is because the poet using noise to display various aspects of the scenarios and environments. Marinetti was useful because it used sound as an expression of the war through typographic variations. Besides, the repetition of onomatopoeic words is an expression of the music and the noise present on the battlefield.

Marinetti's sonic poem "Zang Tumb Tum bios differ from the Giacomo Balla's "Machina Tipografica." While the former uses high and low sound tunes, the latter uses a flat music tone without high and low noise. In the Zang Tumb Tum, the sound 'toc-toc-toc-toc' is fast, while the sound 'crooc-craac' is slow. Marinetti uses the sound tumb!! and again the sound buum, which are indicative of the crys of officers in the war field. Another comparison is that while Marinetti used words of mouth only as sound, Balla used musical instruments to augment the noise from the mouth. Balla's sounds were resonating one after the other, showing some order which differs from Marinetti, which did not have any specific order.

Marinetti's sound-poem can be described polyphonic because it used many sounds at different instances to depict various scenarios. The poem has different tones and examples include 'toc-toc-toc-toc' BUUUM ching chaak, cha-cha-cha-cha-chaak and 'crooc-craac.'

The "The Art of Noises" and Intonarumori are noisy musical pieces with flat tones. The tones keep on changing uniformly. From the noise music, one gets the impression that noise can make music enjoyable and change the face and art of music. By using the instruments, it shows the beauty of sound to produce music tunes that the crowd can dance to.

The combination of the different voices creates varying impressions of flight and speed. The impact the listener gets is that the world is full of sounds that resonate in the ears. Hence, by playing the noise music, the sounds in the real world resonate in the minds of the listener, creating mental picture of specific incidences. Also, one gets the impression that different poets use varying sounds that befits their intent of the music. Such impressions are created through variation of the tones at various points.

By listening to the futuristic music, one fervent perspective that pops out is how the composers use sounds. Besides, one gets to understand the different ways that various composers perceive sound. The variance is depicted in the way each has a unique way of using the sounds, and even if they were to be given same sound, each would have different expressions.

The music noise appears conventional because the noise is very soft, with some very low and high crescendos at high levels. Moreover, it uses sheets to demonstrate the thunder sound. Also, the idea that the work was released and considered less experimental but conformist to the demands of government made it conventional.

Both involve the use of instruments to produce noise. I prefer Louis Andriessen's performance because it is more organized compared to Alexander Mosolov's work. Alexander Mosolov's work is more experimental and unusual because it is disorganized. The materials used appear to be highly local and not polished. However, Louis Andriessen's piece is more developed and used well-crafted instruments and as such well-organized noise with good flow. I prefer Louis Andriessen's work because it is more organized and sophisticated. Besides, it provides refined sound easy to understand.

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