Free Essay Example on Leadership and Health Care Administration

Published: 2020-02-21
Free Essay Example on Leadership and Health Care Administration
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I choose Tricare for my case study, which is an American based health care service provider that caters for the increasing cost of medical care and insurance covers. It offers civilian health benefits especially to military members and also covers a huge number of members with their families at subsidized costs compared to private sector health insurance. It was founded with a mission to provide services in support of the nations military mission and vision to provide quality care for its defense forces and their families.

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The leadership style used in Tricare is visionary whereby leaders have the organization vision that is set to be achieved after a certain period. It is useful for healthcare professionals to be able to identify the leadership styles and theories relevant to their nursing practice. Being in a position to recognize these styles enables nurses to nurture their skills and to become better leaders, as well as promoting the relationships with leaders and colleagues, who have in the past been difficult to work with. Different leadership styles and theories are explored, explaining their relation to healthcare practice. (Delmatoff, 2013).

For an organization to maintain its lead in the ever-changing environment, it has to be flexible and understand peoples health issues are changing with the dynamic environment. Hence, to cater to the changing needs, Tricare caters for its members differently according to their needs and desires in terms of health. Research has to be undertaken which involves data collection so as to ascertain what the peoples medical care needs are before attending to them. They then develop a budget execution traceability matrix, on their spending which is followed by a data analysis which looks into spending trends of that particular organization and treatment of anomalies after which they come up with a financial transparency and oversight improvement plan. (Schlosser, 2014)The needs vary from access to clean water and sanitation, the work environment and workers health, pollution from solid waste to natural disasters and calamities. This ensures the complete satisfaction of the patients in the health facilities. Change is a continuous process hence leaders have to understand the change process to be able to lead and manage change to suit peoples needs. (Al-Sawai and Abdulaziz, 2013).Tricare on health reform looks at compensation in terms of the retirement and quality-of- life programs and recommends improvements. According to representative Glen.P (2015).It also ensure its beneficiaries who may include dependent parents and parents in- law, the members of the reserve getting line of the duty care and service. The Secretarial designees are provided with incentives to get medical care at military hospitals (James.A. 2015).

Staff empowerment in Tricare is of great importance because upon return, members especially in the military are engaged in activities to refresh and relax their minds where they are affirmed that making mistakes is okay because you learn from them. Coordination and cooperation are enhanced where every component of Tricare shares decision as this makes every individual feel valued. To further enhance the use of the military facilities, the lead agent and Foundation established a resource-sharing program, where Foundation places medical staff, equipment and supplies inside military facilities, saving overhead costs.Staff empowerment can also be achieved through open communication in the organization by doing away with the top down communication channel and instead involving all members in decision making and consciously letting them know that their inputs are valued. Online conferencing also fosters staff empowerment by enabling increase the number of people to attend meetings this was confirmed by The changing face of leadership (2010). . Increased levels of employee satisfaction leads to high quality work, loyalty to the organization, reduction of products defects and poor services to customers, hence bringing about a lot of productivity which later amounts to success (Abdulaziz, 2013).

For an organization to be considered fully operational, it has to involve the community within. Hence, Tricare achieves this through its pharmacy that gives back to the community where veterans may seek medical care. Through the Customer Service Community, one can contact various institutions in case of any inquiry. These efforts may require ensuring opportunities for community participation, strengthening relationships of trust and reciprocity among community groups and organizations, and facilitating forums for community dialog. Community capacity represents a necessary condition, an indispensable resource, as well as a desired outcome for community interventions. (Giltinane, 2013).


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