Leadership and Core Values: Ensuring Diversity in Organizations - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-29
Leadership and Core Values: Ensuring Diversity in Organizations - Essay Sample
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Leadership at whatever levels of management requires that the leaders uphold high values that act as fundamental propellers of diversity in organizations, corporations, and other management platforms. From real-time prospecting into leadership scenarios to research on the instances of successful and failed inclusive leadership, I conclusively discern that the balance between success and failure in inclusion is dependent on the leaders’ choice of core values that they embrace in their strategies of organizing resources at workplaces. Therefore, leaders must practice diversity and inclusion as it places their reputation at great levels among the management and other employees. Through this insight, one can say that inclusive workplaces are not accidental and take efforts from the management to adopt it as an explicit part of their culture.

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From research reports generated from Cloverpop, inclusive teams make better judgment calls 87 percent of the time. As Bersin by Deloitte corroborates, workplaces that invoke inclusion and diversity in their operation outperform others with a 2.3x more cashflow per worker (Wigston, 2019). However, I gathered that the inclusivity of employees is not seamless and requires that leaders have commitment values (Deloitteeditor, 2016). For instance, a company without inclusive and diverse roots requires much effort, time, and resources to turn the situation around. Therefore, the leaders ought to cultivate a belief in their purpose by devoting time, energy, and responsibility in the efforts to achieve an inclusive workplace. Commitment raises respect for individuality where race, gender, and cultural bias are intersected to foster diversity in organizations. Also, adaptability is a core value that should leaders possess attracts proactive approaches that meet the needs of everyone appropriately. Such leaders tailor their styles of authority such that every team member has access to resources they require to learn and maximize output. However, it is not easy as it does not guarantee the leaders to change their character or organization goals; in this case, they should embrace adaptability by exercising flexibility in making adjustments that promote the performance of every worker.

Cultural intelligence is an elemental value in leaders, especially those privileged to serve global working environments where cultural diversity is a major concept (Deloitteeditor, 2016). I understand that this trait manifests differently where, on the one hand, some cultural values would demand modesty while, on the other hand, require agility and versatility. Therefore, leaders should create a sense of belonging wherever they interact with diverse cultures, as Research by Culture revealed that it is pivotal to higher staff engagement. This means that the leaders should encourage socialization among team members, develop a universal vision that rallies all employees, communicate with individuals in the workplace to show that they are valuable to the organization.

I found these core values essential to understanding how inclusiveness develops a robust workplace culture. I found that these values reflect real-time experiences I witnessed in an internship program where the leaders encouraged teamwork and participation of all employees in team-building activities. It is essential to note that these acts of inclusionary skills allowed for everyone to work freely in the workplace with open participation for everyone that explains the high productivity levels within the employees. It prepares one’s mind to a mental space that is open to diverse cultures that attract inclusivity as research statistics prove that productivity and other operational elements benefit from the inclusion of everyone. As the knowledge from the study of inclusive leaders in Australia and Canada depicts, I confirm that inclusion promotes individual and organizational efficiency.


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