Paper Example: Company Policy

Published: 2023-08-09
Paper Example: Company Policy
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It is with sorrow that we learned that one of our passenger’s dogs died during a flight to Chicago due to the complete negligence and violation of the company's law by an employee of this organization. The company law our organization requires that passengers who are carrying pets should keep them underneath their seats. The pets should not move away from underneath the chair during the entire flight. However, our employee, in full understanding of this critical clause, went ahead and placed the dog in the luggage compartment, and that is where the tragic incident occurred.

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The company’s management is handling and investigating the matter. When the investigations are complete, the administration will know the necessary course of action in case there is a complete violation; the employee remains suspended with immediate effect until the completion of the investigations as the matter has resulted in massive public outcry. The company's policies should be followed to the letter to ensure that there is no replication of this kind of case. Failure to adhere to the laws will lead to suspension or layoff.

We want to inform all our employees to communicate to our esteemed customers and the members of the public that the company is apologetic for the incident and handling of the matter. Disciplinary action is underway for the subject employee. The company commits to ensuring the safety of our customers and their luggage during and after the flight. The incident will never occur again, and our customers should feel safe to continue traveling with United Airlines.

Communication Channel

To employees: according to McNeil (2007), communicating serious matters under investigation to the employees requires a memo. An internal memo is most appropriate due to its precise nature. The internal memo placed in convenient places such as the company’s notice board enables all to see. Each employee should receive a customized email addressing the incident and highlighting the importance of adherence to the company’s laws. The company’s supervisors must communicate to the employees by face-to-face to urge the employees to handle customers well.

Negative Social Media Post. Most of the company’s customers are on social media; therefore, the company will message the public via social media platforms apologizing to customers and reassuring them that the incident will never happen again and that the took the necessary action to the employee.

Plan on Addressing Social Media Posts and Comments

The company will take the blame the customers direct to them on social media and apologize for the mistake of the employee. The company should also reaffirm to the customers and the members of the public that the necessary action is ongoing, and such an incident will never occur. The company will assure the customers of its commitment to make the customers most comfortable and provide security to the passengers on board and their luggage and pets.

Sample Social Media Message to The Public

It is with sadness that we learn that one of our esteemed customer's dogs died due to the negligence and violation of our company’s policy, whose aim is to ensure the security of the customers and their luggage and pets. The company launched an investigation into the matter. The subject employee remains suspended, and measures have been put in place to ensure that the situation will never occur again. We apologize to the family for the loss. In case there is anything the company can do to help, they should feel free to communicate with the company. United airlines are committed to the satisfaction of our esteemed customers. Continue traveling with us.


McNeil, B. F., & Brian, B. D. (2007). Internal corporate investigations. Chicago, Ill: Section of Litigation, American Bar Association.

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