Law Personal Statement - Application Essay Example

Published: 2019-09-09
Law Personal Statement - Application Essay Example
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Sprawling, can describe my approach and eventually arriving at a decision to advance my career in law at Boston College. It has taken me a long period trying to find out who I am and what I want to do for the rest of my life. I thought I would become a doctor during my elementary school with the desire to become a neurosurgeon. Later, I changed my mind to becoming a lawyer in high school, even though I did not have even the slightest idea where to specialize. Eventually, I settled in human rights and immigration, asylum law, during and after my undergraduates. I do not consider all this as a fickle, but rather purposed mission of full circle search of who I am, what I can do best, my determination and passion.

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I come from a school of thought that believes that law is a tool and a vehicle that brings peace and order in a society. Living in a country where people tend to make their own justice and ignore legal rules, I am motivated to see that every person in Turkey understands the importance and necessity of strict legal rules and regulations. I have been concerned with the increasing number of refugees in Turkey and most of the European region. Turkey alone hosts millions of refugees. Syrian refugees, for instance, have been on the media day in day out as they go through tough and tormenting moments in their home country and refugee camps. Some people have taken the advantage of the situation to exercise immoral activities such as human trafficking. Such actions bother me a lot because they touch on my professional goal of becoming part of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) so that I can deal with cases related to human rights and especially refugee law. I believe a masters degree in human law at Boston College will nurture me appropriately to achieve this goal so that I can become part of European solution finders to the refugee problem.

I found much enthusiasm while taking a course on human right law at the London School of Economics (LSE) in 2013. By the end of the course, it came to my attention that, there are many pending and unresolved social problems in our society such as the death penalty, freedom of speech and free press. Whats more, the course opened my mind to realize that, the advancement in technology, sciences and humanity cannot contribute adequately to the development of the society unless a solution to these social problems is found. The course challenged me and I wondered whether the law is intended to provide happiness and promote the well-being of the individuals or it is just meant to maintain order without the consideration of the minority groups whose rights may be violated. With that basic foundation of human rights law and the right mentality of its application in solving the problems in the society, I am confident that I will accomplish a masters degree successfully and use the acquired knowledge and skills to solve the refugee problems in the European regions specifically in Turkey.

I also found great interest in the private international law course. While studying this course, the asylum issue took hold of all my attention during the alien law class, as it integrated directly with the refugee situation in Turkey. It helped me to discover the uncertainty of the statute of the refugees in Turkey. Even though the refugees try to acquire Turkish citizenship, they are still surrounded by other legal matters such as marriage problems and the issue of buying real estate property. The course exposed me in a great extent to the problems facing the Republic of Turkey following the refugee crises and the measures that the government is taking to control the situation. I yearn to be part of the solution finding team to this problem and particularly to focus on curbing the issue of human trafficking in Turkey. It is my expectations that by advancing my law profession, I will be well equipped to participate and contribute in solving the refugee legal related problems in Turkey.

Another aspect that took hold of my attention during my studies was the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) decisions. This came about during a class discussion on a human rights law course at Istanbul Sehir University. During this class, we analyzed and discussed Ercep V. Turkey case, which I found to be very interesting because it revolved around a conscientious objection decision. The decision focused on the infringement of the Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights regarding the freedom of thought and the conscious of religion. I found this course interesting not only because it touched on human rights, but also because of its inclusion of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), which is the institution that I target to work with in the future. These courses on human rights law have established a firm foundation on the concept of human rights and immigration, asylum law, which I am hoping to advance at Boston College.

I gained wonderful first-hand legal practice experience while working with judges in the courthouse as a law intern. The judicial system that I worked with was focusing on the improvement of the public justice systems by promoting individual human rights. As a legal practice assistant, I worked with three judges. My role was to coordinate the judicial system and the local governments to set free the bonded debt laborers and prosecute their oppressors. I gained research skills from the internship as I had to perform intense investigations prior to drafting pleadings, memos, and reports. The internship also equipped me with appropriate office management skills that are essential in the management of case data and documents. The skills, knowledge and experience that I gained during the internship will be relevant to my masters degree program because they will help me to visualize the practical aspects of the discussed human rights related problems.

After tirelessly searching for the college that would quench my desires in human rights and immigration, asylum law, I eventually settled at Boston College. My decision was arrived at after a careful and thorough search for the college that would equip me with the appropriate skills and knowledge and which will nurture me adequately to reach my professional goal. I admire Professor Daniel Kanstroom, in Boston College, whose specialty is centrally in my field of interest. I believe, Professor Daniel Kanstroom together with his team in the school of law at Boston College can shape and help me to achieve my professional goal of dealing with human rights and specifically the refugee law.

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