Global Warming Essay Samples

Published: 2018-03-07
Global Warming Essay Samples
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Introduction for global warming essay

Global warming has been a thorny issue since the turn of the century. For many years, this has been attributed largely to uncontrolled carbon emissions by factories and power plants. However, as much as we would put the most blame on industries that heavily rely on fossil fuels, we cannot be blind to the fact that even we as individuals have contributed to this catastrophe through tobacco smoking and use of aerosols that negatively impact on the ozone layer.

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To stop global warming, therefore, we need to start making necessary changes as individuals. This can be achieved by making use of renewable sources of energy such as solar energy to power our homes and business. Also, we can cut on carbon emissions by burying organic waste in the ground and not burning them. This will not only reduce carbon emissions that come through the burning of wastes but also will increase the fertility levels of our soils. As a result, agricultural yield will be on the upturn when we adopt these small changes. In spite of the need to increase our agricultural produce, we as individuals need to ensure that we use proper aerosols such as pesticides and herbicides that have very little negative implications for our overall environment. Our means of commuting as individuals can also help to reduce global warming. By adopting clean solutions such as using green cars(electric cars) instead of utilizing the ones that use petrol or diesel, will have an enormous effect in mitigating global warming.

At the governmental and national level, tough policies need to be introduced to counter the effects of global warming. The government should come up with measures that ensure industrial wastes are properly disposed and factories adopt environmentally friendly practices to ensure the health and climate of the surrounding are not affected by their actions. Plastic ban needs to be introduced at the national level so as to reduce carbon emissions. Furthermore, the government should be able to provide individuals with clean energy for their homes such as clean biogas for cooking solutions if they need to ensure that emissions from sources such as wood fuel are reduced. Apart from that, the government should put up tough sentences to anyone found guilty of polluting the environment in order to discourage bad vices.

Nations need to come together at the international level in order to ensure that the environmental prosperity of each nation is achieved and global warming is put under control. They should agree on safety levels of emissions in order to ensure that the world will be sustainable for the future generations. All nations should, therefore, commit themselves to follow agreements such as the Paris Agreement and contribute towards ensuring that it is met.

In conclusion, environmental sustainability and the need to reduce global warming is an effort that need to be supported by all concerned parties.We should come together across all levels and commit ourselves in ensuring the prosperity of the future generations. We should aim to leave the world a better place than how we found it.

Research articles on global warming

Global warming denotes the different forms of climate change that have resulted into the rise of temperatures over time. Consequently, there has been a rise in ice cap melting, increased penetration of ultra violet rays from the sun and increased sea levels. The net effect of global warming is predicated on the disaster that it portends to humans and the environment that humans depend on. Numerous means have been implement at both national and international levels to reduce and stop global warming. However, more can be done and this article explores such means that can be adopted at personal, governmental and international levels to stop global warming.

One of the major contributors of global warming is the greenhouse effect which is caused be excessive release of carbon dioxide to the air. However, the causes of greenhouse effect remains comprise burning of fossil fuel products and even use of air conditioning products. Therefore to stop global warming at personal level, we must reduce the use of air conditioning as well as the use of heat. Secondly, we should to use reusable products that are not subjected to burning and therefore reducing carbon dioxide emission. Thirdly, since vehicles are equally large contributors to the same effect, we should adopt strategies where we reduce reliant on motor vehicles and switch to using bicycles. Trees readily absorb excess carbon dioxide and thus, we should avoid deforestation while at the same time planting more tress to help increasing the numbers. Lastly, we should save on our energy through switching off devices not in use and encourage others to undertake the same by pointing out the merits and demerits of conservation.

The government informs the regulatory mechanism as well as the sovereignty of a nation. In terms of environmental conservation and elimination of global warming, the government should first ban all logging and deforestation activities that are likely to cause detrimental effects on the environment. Such regulations should not applied partially in an effort to encourage conservation. Secondly, the government should create rewarding schemes for systems that support tree planting and form a fund that continuously strives in the same cause. Additionally, the production of cars should be limited to those models that do not emit carbon dioxide for instance electric cars. Lastly, the government should focus its effort in a collective system that fosters environment as a primary habitat for its people. The same should be predicated on the fact that without the environment then the people do not exist.

Internationally, global warming can be stopped by coordinating the efforts of different nations as well as international organizations that channel a similar cause. When it comes to such coordination, the primary means has always been through treaties. However, such measure would be ineffective where certain states seek reservations. As such, international treaty that is unanimously adopted would be the primary means of ending global warming. It is only through cooperation among all countries that we can have a clear blue print on how to end global warming. The issue that some countries to global warming compared to others should cease if we endevour to save the planet.

In conclusion, global warming is not only a personal threat but also a national and global threat to people. Therefore, it is only through these efforts that we would be able to stop global warming.

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