Law and Human Essay Example

Published: 2020-04-27
Law and Human Essay Example
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The man is a social being living in a society with groups of people who are different in nature and thinking, and also a society enriched with different values, cultures, and traditions. The absence of laws and legal system in any society leads to a chaotic society. The modern society has lots of issues like alcohol and substance abuse, unemployment, corruption, inflation and terrorism caused by the different ideologies and beliefs, which threatens its well-being. These kinds of problems can be dealt with by laws and legal systems. I do not agree with the claim as many issues in the modern society can be solved by law and the legal system.

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The reason for the claim is partially disregarded as change is inevitable and given time and situations, some peoples beliefs and ideologies do change. Although changing most peoples mind can be nearly impossible, laws can be fully implemented to influence the decision one takes when dealing with the problem at hand. The constitution clearly outlines what one is expected to do or behave as a citizen in the particular country (Cates & Mclntosh, 2001). The legal system in any country helps steer the citizens and society in the right direction ensuring discipline and development. The set penalties and fines for any wrongs that one intends to do help one refrain from dong them to avoid them. For instance, one would be angry, furious or full of vengeance on a wrong done to him/her. They would threaten to take their enemys life but when one weighs the consequences of the action, that would be a capital sentence or life incarceration. They eventually end up choosing to refrain or take the matter to the authorities. Here, the legal system out does whats in the person's mind and heart and ensures justice is served.

The business sector plays a significant role in the modern society for growth and prosperity. In the absence of proper regulations, geographical diversification, corruption eradication, embezzlement of funds or unauthorized accesses of privacy couldnt be dealt with. In cases of copyright infringement or unruly invasion, the legal system can ensure laws are met, rights are not violated, and conflicts managed either inside or outside the court (Cates & Mclntosh, 2001). Thus, proper laws and legal system are necessary for the growth of businesses.

Alcoholism, pubic smoking, and other substance abuse are a significant threat to the youth in the modern society. Laws and policies can be set to regulate and prohibit the usage. Advice cannot be solely used to deal with the addiction as the availability of the drugs can easily seduce one back to consumption. The law can restrict the manufacture, marketing, entry of drugs into the country of the business sector, regulate the price of the allowed alcoholics or completely do away with the drugs. The unemployed and those recovering from addiction can seek out with government jobs reducing the dependency ratio. In the end, the society is healthy, and the energy can be used in personal and states development, enabling a disciplined personality.

However, issues like terrorism cannot be controlled using law. The planning, financing and undertaking are silent, but the consequences are diverse and dangerous to all humankind. The law can do less about the situation. The reasons behind the attacks are not easily determined, but the losses are heartbreaking. The terrorists thoughts and wants cannot be changed quickly as the play underground and gets noticed after the action has happened. The law and legal system get applied afterwards which doesnt help much to the victims. Moreover, for the two to be applied, there requires lawyers, judges and financing, the laws are fixed hence not compatible with changing times and restricts the citizens to set standards (Vago, 2015).

The laws and legal status can cure many problems in the society though not all. Many are the problems solved using when laws and legal systems are employed thus disregarding the claim, but the other problems shouldnt be ignored. Those who chose not to follow the laws should be punished to attain a peaceful society. If some strict rules are imposed to change people's minds, it would have an adverse effect may end up in chaos. To solve these problems, individual strategies should be considered like public awareness program and society leadership should impervious laws guiding moral behavior. So the government should encourage education to have a healthy society with healthy minds.


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