Essay on Language and Cognition: Examining the Link with Galotti (2017)

Published: 2023-09-17
Essay on Language and Cognition: Examining the Link with Galotti (2017)
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In chapter 10, Galotti (2017) discussed the subject of language, and it connects to cognition. In explaining language and an essential cognitive ability in the human body, Galotti (2017) used several topics that help the reader in understanding the subject in greater detail, including the structure of language, language comprehension, and production as well as language and cognition among others.

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The Structure of Language

The structure of language stood out as a critical subject in understanding the connection of language to cognition. The topic emphasized on the types of structures used in learning and understanding language. I realized that different human languages have systems that work together for the memory to capture the meaning of the expressed words. It was an interesting experience to learn about the process of language through listening and perception of sounds from the speaker. Items such as phonemes and morphemes are critical in the creation of meaning in a given language and identifying the role played by every word in a given sentence. Learning about the process of language meaning-making from the sounds and word endings made me realize that it is a complex subject. Furthermore, without the ability to determine the syntax, make meaning, and see the listener's point of view, it is not easy to understand language and its connection to cognition.

Language Comprehension and Production

The second topic in the chapter directed the reader to the critical issues of language comprehension and production. I think the subject was a bit technical when considering the process that a person takes to comprehend and produce language. I can confirm that speech is an aspect that stood out on the topic to explain the aspect of language comprehension and production. I think the author was more interested in bringing out a common aspect of communication that even a layperson can understand the subject of language comprehension and production. When looking at speech perception, and errors that come in during production, it is challenging to understand a given language without taking time to learn its structure. In that case, I realized that language comprehension and production requires the transformation of the raw input from the environment to create meaningful representations. It was interesting to learn that the entire process of language is all connected to cognition, whether through reading, listening, or speaking.

Language and Cognition

The third topic captured the direct relationship between language and cognition. I learned that there are various influences of language to other processes of cognition. Even though the two variables operate independently, they are related to each determining the other. However, I realized that there is a middle ground that exists in the relationship developed between language and cognition. In this instance, it became more confusing to understand how language connects to cognition. I learned that when determining the connection between the two, there are times when an individual may equate thought to speak. How to relate internal mental processes with speaking without responses taking place became a puzzle to me. Later, I realized that sub-vocal speaking does not count as communication when one wants to understand how language connects to cognition. It is a thought process that requires expressing oneself to produce language in the desired type.


In conclusion, the chapter was an interesting one when considering the connection of language to cognition. Language has established as something different from what a layperson may consider as just speaking. I learned that language is a structural and complex process whereby cognitive capabilities play a huge role in its comprehension and production.


Galotti, K. (2017). Cognitive psychology in and out of the laboratory. 6th Edition. Sage Publications, Inc. ISBN13: 9781506351568

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