Online Teaching: The Key to My Success - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-14
Online Teaching: The Key to My Success - Essay Sample
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I have worked as a teacher for many years, and my inspiration is a result of the desire to influence my students. My philosophy as a teacher has been built by this desire to impact the lives of students. I can count myself as a successful teacher for having effectively fostered online teaching to my students. I am an affluent communicator, and I embrace my teaching role effectively as it is important to my students and me. My concerns as an online teacher have been on the tools that I can use to disseminate knowledge to my online students. Below is a variety of tools I identified to be essential for online teaching.

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I discovered that before starting your lesson, you need to create a presentation that is viable to your target students. For instance, you can use a podcast, a softcopy document, or an audio recording to present your lesson.

Practical activities and Feedback:

Students learn effectively when their progress is assessed. It is essential to issue practical activities, flashcards, and challenging games to assess skills in your students.

Extensive teaching:

Expound more on your topics. I discovered that you might share a blog post, skits, or recorded dialogues to help students understand your topic better.

Takeaway assignments:

Students need to perform tasks on their own away from class. Thus. I realized that giving them homework assignments helps in ensuring that they can put the acquired skills into practice. One can create an online worksheet that meets your teaching and learning standards.

Understand your student needs:

Students feel a sense of belonging when you are concerned about them. You can do this by being fair and addressing them with positivity. In as much as your students may be of one grade, yet their needs are different. For instance, some may be first learners, while others are slow learners. Since you may assess this through your feedback program, you will be able to address each student’s needs accordingly.


In as much as this is an online class, there is a code of ethics that every teacher must follow when teaching. I understand that I have to be online at specified times to teach my students. Thus, I cannot be absent or extend my lessons against student requirements.


I understand that learning virtually requires one to be familiar with the technology. Therefore, I will ensure that all my students understand each form of technology that is necessary for their learning, especially videoconferencing. Such forms include Skype, Zoom, Plan board, and live binders.


Conclusively, through my experience as an online teacher, I have learned to embrace the essential tools that are vital to my profession. Although I cannot physically meet my students, I try as much as I can to ensure that my work is done professionally. My philosophy as an online teacher is to foster knowledge that cares for all student needs. Some of my commonly used tools include presentation, practical activities and feedback, extensive teaching, understanding student needs, takeaway assignments, competence, and technology.

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