Paper Example. Boys and girls club reflection

Published: 2023-01-06
Paper Example. Boys and girls club reflection
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Students teaching is one of the most critical spectra of the student's certification program. This relays a bridge to that connect proficient preparation as well as the professional practice. Therefore, the essence of field placement in the CDL setting for teachers is very crucial in the whole making. On one end, this allows teachers to make observations and gain experience that is very critical in future practice in the field of teaching. On the other side, during the fieldwork, the students will be the observers and teachers` assistance. The students will acquire experience that will complement the coursework in class since they will observe and raise questions occasioned from the school site. The field experience program is very critical for the teaching of the students, and thus it is a requirement for successful completion of students' field experience teaching. During the field placement for teachers, they should vividly understand the responsibilities of teachers as well as the duties of the students. The teacher in field placement will always guide activities carried out during the session.

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During my past fieldwork, I engaged in observing the classroom and helping out the students. When I finally got to the boys and girls clubs, I led small groups of students. Throughout the experience, I was involved in suggesting the activities that I deemed suitable for the students. Before I engaged in the field placement, I had already gone through the lesson plan two weeks ahead of the field work. I was prepared to go through the task and hence I was not exposed to potential field challenges. I was able to notice the vast difference between teachings in class heading groups of students in the clubs. This made me feel I was a teacher I wanted to become. As I had thought before, I expected a typical day. My typical was when I went to the students and prepared ingredients for them and assigning each a task, and making healthy of choice together with my students.

During the beginning of my hours, I begin with healthy class habits and then helping the students out with gaming. I learned that the games made the students active especially when they come from games to class. When I joined them during gaming, they felt useful and encouraged. I also benefited from the exercises since they kept me healthy during the field placement. I noticed that the students changed during my time. Due to the close bond between them and me, their confidence in class improved and thus general performance. The critical strategy I realized was meaning is being patient with the student and adequately preparing in time before I carried out given activities with them. I realized that I was supposed to be very keen since the students were very energetic and thus things could quickly go out of hand. My volunteer work at the boys and girls club enhanced my experience and expanded my outlook in the field. I would apply the knowledge I got in the area to help future students and sufficiently improve my professional experience as well. For the next semester students, I would give them pieces of advice to be able to plan adequately and make sufficient observations. According to my experience, the students tend to be energized when they come out of school and into the club so teachers who are team leaders must consider this. Again hours from 3 pm and beyond are when people are tired, and thus they should take some time in activities that would keep them awake.

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