Essay Example: Lancet Article on the Gonorrhea Issue

Published: 2022-04-08
Essay Example: Lancet Article on the Gonorrhea Issue
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The Lancet article clarifies the global gonorrhea issue that has irritated world pharmacists due to its drug resistance. The article's purpose is to examine the vaccine development of gonorrhea and determine its effectiveness in New Zealand. Simply the article reports on the study of group B vaccines and how they impact the incidence of gonorrhea.

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The article covers gonorrhea incidence and causes as discussed in the class. The Lancet article identifies the bacteria as the causes of the disease which is sexually transmitted as discussed in class. The article intention is to examine the effectiveness of the vaccine which is purported to reduce the 700,000 gonorrhea incidences cases. Although the class discussion does not mention the vaccine, it does mention a number of ways to treat gonorrhea such as using antibiotics. However, the article cites that there is reduced cases of gonorrhea associated with countries where MeNZB vaccine is administered. The disease is very embarrassing and painful, which is attributed to the unforgiving symptoms. We are always advised to abstain from sex to avoid such embarrassment or use condoms, however, the emergence of the vaccine could prove viable.

This article coupled with few other films created a good avenue for learning about the STI's and HIV. The incidences of STI's and HIV prevalence is increasing with increase in population and growth in sexual freedom. Most of the affected countries are the developing and underdeveloped countries who have not devised the propriety of disease controls. The prevalence of gonorrhea is particularly high in America where there is large population due to industrialization. Most of the sexually transmitted diseases such syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia among others can be treated if detected early (Cates Jr, W. 2015). The symptoms are diverse even though they are intense in the genital areas of the infected persons. Both films and articles cite that the best way to 100% avoid these diseases is to abstain which is an almost impossible undertaking. Hence they advocate for the use of condoms. The article lancet confirmed the efficacy of the MeNZB vaccine which when utilized properly can help reduce the probability of getting infected by gonorrhea bacteria.

Interestingly, I was shocked to learn that some diseases such as gonorrhea can be reduced through vaccination. It is an applaud to the scientist who invented the vaccine, but the question is why does the prevalence maintain its levels instead of getting an ebb? The immediate effect of the vaccination is that more people will engage in unprotected sex which will lead to more exposure of other sexually transmitted diseases (Cates Jr, W. 2015). Although the vaccination welcomes a positive reaction, the negative effects outweigh the positive effect. However, for the purposes of reducing gonorrhea cases, I recommend that the article and the films be involved in the class discussions to elaborately create awareness and dissect the real effects of the diseases.

In conclusion, sexually transmitted diseases are among the leading cause of massive deaths alongside accidents and cancer. HIV and AIDS alone account for the 28 million deaths since it was discovered. These diseases are serious Achilles heals to the global economy and people's welfare hence this matter should be taken with great seriousness (Wasserheit, J. N. 2012). The classes and discussions are perfect avenues to build awareness and add to the existing knowledge of these diseases. Such campaigns are believed to reduce the incidences significantly. However, the most effective solution is practice monogamy or abstinence if unmarried. Use of condom protection is highly recommended.


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Wasserheit, J. N. (2012). Epidemiological synergy. Interrelationships between human immunodeficiency virus infection and other sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases, 19(2), 61-77.

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