Awarded Carrier Essay Sample

Published: 2017-12-07
Awarded Carrier Essay Sample
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Awarded Carrier= Multiply miles by carrier rate then you sum it with the answer u get after multiplying N910 and )910. Later the answer you will get will be divided by the multiplication answer of O2 and O910.

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A weighted average differs from an average in that a weighted average returns a number that depends on the variables of both value and weight.

=SUM((N2* O2)+(N910*O910))/SUM(O2:O910)

The weight average is different from the average such that the weight average returns a value that rely on the variables of both the weight and value.

In order to get Weighted average, one needs to type the following formula under its section:

=SUMPRODUCT (N2:N910, O2:O910)/SUM (O2:O910)

Increment Cost

It refers to the increase in the total cost as a result of an increase in the production


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