Essay Sample on Nursing

Published: 2022-10-31
Essay Sample on Nursing
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The population-centered approach has contributed significantly to ensuring adequate provision of the quality health care to the entire public. By focusing on the general outcome, the interventions are depended employing the population-based care to facilitate the general issue in health care. The design majorly focuses on the implementation of various interventions with the aim of improving the general health condition of the entire population. It is worth acknowledging the fact that, while embracing the population-based care it must be within the confines of upholding human dignity. Notably, the approach must be designed to improve the health conditions of the entire public more so the most vulnerable member of the society. A critical evaluation reveals that by adopting either the individual or population-centered care, the cost of health care provision has tremendously dropped since it primarily focuses on the ordinary people in the society. It also assists in the prevalence of diseases in the entire health care since it focuses on the ordinary people it. Therefore, it becomes easier to control various diseases in the society.

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The practical outcome in nursing, the integration of certain essential elements plays a vital role in ensuring effectiveness in the entire society. The professional values a companied by the accountability and responsibility help determine the efficiency in the general outcome of the whole program. Notably, the professional costs in health care help influence the clinical decisions by fully understanding the underlying values across the entire health care profession. It is worth acknowledging the massive contribution of an integrative approach where accountability, responsibility takes center stage. Imperatively, accountability is critical in the general outcome of the o a successful program since it enables all the stakeholders to take proper stock of the activities in given designated programs.

Similarly, the by embracing the power of responsibility the general outcome in the clinical environment is destined to succeed as it teaches the moral values needed in the entire practice. Through the demonstration of the relevant skills and attributes in any program is a vital element since it enhances the effectiveness in the whole process. The appropriate skills which positively influence the general outcome in any designated program require tolerance as well as the team player for the collaborative operation. Besides by compelling the group into the effective communication, and series of reliability help provide the platform upon which the program measurements and evaluation can be adopted. Ultimately, the collaborative approach help offers the necessary strength propagating the entire outcome of the program.

The implementation of safe quality patient care involves a collaborative approach in order to attain the required ethical standards. Imperatively, quality care requires an input of the trained persons, proper facilities with the relevant instruments needed during treatment of various diseases - besides, the appropriate medication alongside the use of technology when integrated help ensure effectiveness in the implementation process. On the same account, the ethical standards in health care which include respect, justice, responsibility, and no maleficence helps provide a practical approach to the entire implementation process. The implementation process should be evidence-based and thus should embrace patient values, relevant research as well as clinical expertise. Apparently, during the implementation process, it must be within the confines of the legal provision laws and regulations.

The primary care need within the health facility must be attained in order to dispense health care to the entire population effectively. It is imperative to note that, by considering the cultural context of the patient, the basic needs must be met for the outcome to be effective. The provision of food, Shelter, security, as well as the emotional security, must be taken into consideration for the general issue to be practical. Significantly throughout the lifespan of the patient, the health care facility must ensure the appropriate provision of all these basic needs to the entire population. Apparently, when the primary care is provided within the health care facilities, the whole outcome of delivering quality health care can be attained easily in the entire lifespan of the patient.

The provision of a conducive environment that supports the global health standard requires integrations of several parameters within the entire health sector. Notably, the global rules require the provision of quality and universal health care for all. It is important to acknowledge the fact that, the environment must uphold all the ethical standards which embrace human dignity as the pillar to the standards health care within the society. Similarly in cooperating scientific research technology in the health care system has contributed significantly to the massive increase in the general outcome in the health care. On the same account, by embracing and upholding the relevant policies within the healthcare the trend is bound to register appositive in attaining the universal and quality health care for all.

The health maintenance of patients has contributed significantly to the massive added to the effectiveness in health care. Through the programs, the health facilities have managed considerably to source for insurance cover for most patients increasing the revenue allocation for a sustainable process. On the other hand, following considerable investments in the prevention of diseases, it is quite clear that the number of casualties has dramatically reduced within a designated period. On the same account, most health facilities tend to focus on the illness management within the health facility which has significantly increased the prevalence in the general outcome in health care.

Upon embracing the ethical attribute and skills alongside the precise ideas, the nurse, therefore, granted competent. This is manifested in the general code of conduct and the general interpretation of skills. It is important to note that, by gaining access to the relevant ethical skills the nurse tends to exhibit a ray of competences in the level of communication, emotional stability as well as showing the robust problem solving attributes within the entire health facility. By showing such competences by the designated nurses, there has been generally positive outcome healthcare.

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