John Proctor

Published: 2019-05-29
John Proctor
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John Proctor as evident in the play portrays a key role towards expressing the reality of the current world. Many people have been preaching on the adverse effects of being involved in the moral morasses experienced in the society. In contrast, these people who deem such circumstances and issues as evil later engage themselves in such activities secretly and maliciously. Such traits are revealed through the character of John Proctor who many people thought of him to be a role model in the society.

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The nature of Mr. Proctor to consistently keep on embracing Christianity faith may be perceived as a God fearing person. He has been serious on his affairs and the fact that he consistently talks in making quotations from the bible. The biblical allusions from psalms and the ability to lay much focus on the Christian faith by Proctor could be taken to mean that he really knew the need of embracing positive morals. His ability to consistently keep on talking of the hell was an indication that he really had an idea of the consequences of sin. This was too an evidence that Proctor was a good man who could fully encourage the society to achieve higher standards of performance in regard to avoiding the sinful ways. The ability of Proctor to portray an aspect of Christianity to the general public was a feature that gave him great respect. Later, it is evident that John was a pretender, hypocritical and inhuman person that handles people in a manner that is unethical and anti social. The manner in which he communicates with Mary and Rebecca really revealed that he never had any Christian moral value and was just a mere pretender. The hypocritical nature is evident by the way he is an evil man and was engaging himself in adultery with Abigail without the notice of his wife. The conversation between him and Abigail truly shows that they had been lovers for sometime but it had eventually come to cease after his wife noticed of the fishy deal that had been happening. Mrs. Proctor went out and disclosed all the hided deals which had been happening between the two. This made John to become bitter on Abigail and never wanted to be associated with her because of the speculations which had been rooming in the community.

The big picture of people who may seem to be righteous and determined in there lives comes to be disclosed by the quantifiable hypocrisy revealed by John. The unbelievable actions of Proctor have come to stand as evidence that not all what glitters is gold. The traits of this man stand as a learning base to the society. His recognizable levels in arrogance, autocracy and disrespect to the people especially the ladies shows that he has never accepted women as an equal being to man. He is ever mocking them and cannot take time to listen their views and ideologies.

Pretence, mockery, dictatorship and hypocrisy are among the key issues which have been leading to the decay of many societies. Selfishness, hedonism and minimalism are being given the key priority by most people in the current communities. All these issues have to be stopped and any person who has been mandated of any leadership role should work towards ensuring zero tolerance of these vices. We need to understand that each person has a role to play and none is better that the other. The disparities in both performance and competency are brought up by the varied talents and vocations endowed in different persons. Acceptance of ones nature is so important and religious people should work hard towards ensuring that they grow the best morals in the people they lead. This is a way of stimulating change and ensuring human dignity is upheld to the highest possible standards.

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