Group Behavior, Free Essay for Everyone

Published: 2020-04-27
Group Behavior, Free Essay for Everyone
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In order to make great steps in life, people have no option but to put their effort together. One must learn to live with other human beings in order to face the challenges that occur in life. Perhaps it is simply because human beings learn from what they observe in other people. It is through observation that they either mimic or avoid the behavior of the other people. Though some people may consider living a solitary life and actually find it fun, peaceful and comfortable, majority always want to be part of a certain group. These groups are based on ethnicity, race, nation, work, and education among others. The more one interacts with other members of a particular group the more the individuals behavior is influenced by the group.

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A group refers to two or more people interacting in order to achieve a certain aim. The behavior of people that are part of a group may vary depending on the type of group or its purpose. The level of interaction depends on the objective of the group. Group dynamics can therefore be defined as the behaviors that take place when one belongs to certain social groups. For instance, a group of clients queuing in a supermarket can have a relationship by interacting with one another due to the situation at that particular time (Levi, 2001). These kinds of groups only last for a short while. Other groups like working groups lasts longer and therefore the interaction is quite frequent. According to the recent study by sociologists, group behavior can as well be influenced by the size. Human behavior is usually an outcome of the emotions that the individual perceives at a particular time. These emotions are brought about by the presence of other people around.

A group can be of any size ranging from two to thousands of people. When an individual is part of a group of two, the person is likely to have intense emotions towards the other person. Two individuals will have a lot of time to interact with each other and this makes them concentrate on each other. One persons actions greatly influence the behavior of the other party. This kind of a group is likely to last only for a short period. When one individual decides to end the relationship that exists between them, the group ends as well. A group of two people is therefore considered unstable with more intense emotions (Rose, 2008). It is obvious that a group that is composed of numerous people has less intense emotions as compared to a group with less number of people.

Groups also influence the attitude of their members. One may make a decision not because it is the right or wrong decision but because the other or some members of the group have made the same decision. The members of a particular group usually portray similar attitudes such that one can be identified with a certain group just by the attitude. Take for instance a group of six school going children think that school is a waste of time. Another member who thought the opposite decides to join the group. The individual may try to convince the other members how important school is but after some time, the individual will have to same attitude towards school and actually conclude that school is indeed not worth all the time.

Groups also acquire specific social status. It might be one sure way to help an individual to become social and know how to interact with other people. According to a recent observation, individuals belonging to a particular group are likely to have the similar social status. For instance, the members of a basketball team of a particular school are likely to belong to the same social group. One can easily tell that an individual belongs to a specific group just by observing how the person interacts with other people or the deeds that the person engages in. Still on the same point, a group of celebrities can be identified by the way they dress or communicate.

Despite being helpful, difficult behaviors may also occur within a group. For instance, conflicts may arise between two or more people within a group. People often disagree on many issues, especially if they are matters that affect each person in a group. These conflicts may be difficult to solve since the decisions made by the members may vary. Larger groups are prone to experiencing conflicts, as they have to deal with lots of issues. Conflict may arise between two members of a group but it will affect the whole group since effective issues cannot be discussed if any member feels uncomfortable (Ramer, 2009). Still on the same point, other members may start dominating the group and ignore the issues that are raised by others. This kind of group will fail to achieve its objectives, as the members will be competing instead of working together in order to come up with effective strategies. However, this can be solved by coming up with rules and regulations that must be obeyed by every member of a group.

In general, group behavior usually depends on the aim of its members. Others are geared towards improving the life of its members by showing the concern they have such as couples and families. Other groups such as organizations are meant to improve the financial state of its members. The aims of groups are what determine the modes of behavior of the group members.


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