Essay Example: Jeff Orlowski Review

Published: 2019-08-30
Essay Example: Jeff Orlowski Review
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The producer of the film, Jeff Orlowski had a brilliant viewpoint of the film to shift the attention of all people to the diverse and extreme effects of the global warming contribution to environmental warming. The clear, explicit vivid video scenes of the glacier calving process are one of the perspectives that the producer uses to exert his viewpoint of the extremeness of the environmental changes that are occurring all over the world. The difficulties portrayed during the recording of the glacial changes by Barlog also aims at exerting the viewpoint of the producer of showing the willingness of journalist of spreading awareness of environmental changes and their responsibilities.

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The producer of the film used great cinematic techniques by taking the cinematic technique of delivery of gorgeous cinematography to create vividly a picture depicting climate change consideration of not just environmentalists, but the responsibility of everyone. This technique of clear, high pixel views in different dimensions of the glacier changes, especially the braving through the intense cold weather and calving of the glaciers is breath-taking.

This technique, therefore, makes the viewer notice the weight of the environmental change from what they see and not facts given through the auditory method as in most documentaries. This has made an impact on my level of knowledge on then environmental changes that global warming has around us to a one that needs urgent and more attentions. The preciseness of the cinematography has heightened my picturing of the consequences of global warming especially from the clean cinematography in the calving of the Illulissat Glacier and the decrease in the area of ice covering the land.

Chasing Ice is a documentary worth the making time to the cinema to watch. It is such a beautiful, spectacular and educational film. The cinematography in the movie also makes this a film to watch, and it is a great film that would enlighten one on the need to conserve our environment from global warming that has a serious impact as seen in the film.

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