Free Essay with the Research on Mental Disorders in Children Living in Urban Areas

Published: 2019-09-24
Free Essay with the Research on Mental Disorders in Children Living in Urban Areas
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The research paper boldly describes the predisposing factors that ultimately puts children living in urban areas experience or increase the chance of a child having a mental disorder. It clearly puts in perspective issues like low social cohesion and high crime rates in the urban areas as the most causative reasons for one to experience a mental health disorder. The methodology used in the conduction of the research is basically done properly as the researcher took in 2,232 British twin s who were observed from birth to age 12. This is incredibly a tasking research and the researcher were able to pull it off successfully and hence coming up with the deductions of the research.

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The research is presented in a systematic manner considering they had a theoretical framework prior to the conduction of the research. The next phase they delved into was the methodology and instrumentation that involved developing a list of participants in this case 2,232 British twins. The researchers went on to seclude each twin with their neighborhood features through the use of high-resolution geospatial profiles and Google Street View images. Later on the researcher conducted interviews with the children which enabled them to gather data on any experiences of psychotic symptoms, show a step by step methodological procedure undertaken in conducting the research. All the data collected and analyzed helped increasingly to determine the research finding and proving the theory initially proposed. The research presentation was well crafted.

Credibility of Information

I think that the information provided in the research is credible, but the research is narrowed down to only a few predisposing factors for mental health disorders. The fact is that the information provided in the research is not sufficient, the researchers have a shot at proving that urban life has an effect to childrens mental health, but they should look into other reasons causing mental health in children. Factors like inherited psychotic symptoms, childhood experiences in school such as bullying, social isolation among peers, parental conflicts and abusive parenting are all possible reasons to one having a mental health disorder. The research should delve more into other plausible predisposing factors before taking a conclusive approach to urban life.

Questions Left Unanswered

The reader is left wondering what other measures could be taken to curb mental health disorders among children. Most of the people reading this research are people living in urban areas due to work placements and sources of livelihoods; most are left wondering what should they do to prevent their children from having a mental health disorder? The research only points out reasons, but it doesnt offer the solutions to the problem.

Impact of Research to Our Daily Lives

The research reporting is meaningful putting into consideration the findings of the research. The fact is that the research puts all parents in an uncomfortable position not knowing what is best for their childs mental health. Quite a number of predisposing factors such as children watching highly graphic scenes of people dying and destruction in movies and the latest urban living all leading to mental health disorders, as a parent one is left paranoid of everything society predisposes to children. The research emphasizes on social cohesion; one should consider creating social circles, and living is secure environments for the sake of their children which would help avoid exposure to mental health disorders. A change of life styles and social interactions should is needed in order to curb any sign of childhood psychotic disorders.

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