Comparative Essay of "The Garden of Forking" and "Death Constant Beyond Love"

Published: 2023-01-29
Comparative Essay of "The Garden of Forking" and "Death Constant Beyond Love"
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"The Garden of Forking Path" is a short story written by an Argentine poet and writer Jorge Luis Borges. It was written in the year 1941. The story's theme is to foreshadow worlds interpretation of different quantum mechanics." Death constant Beyond Love" is another short story written in April 2011 by a Colombian writer by the name Gabriel Garcia Marquez's. The story is about Senator by the name Onesimo Sanchez who is left with only six months to live. However, he decides to continue with his political duties. There are a lot of themes in this book. Some of these themes include death, inability, symbolism, and misery just to mention a few. This comparative essay provides and critical analysis and comparison of the major theme found in the two short stories which are magical realism

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Magical realism is painting in a meticulous style of imaginary fantasy images or scenes (Borges 119). Surrealism is the process of sorting to release creative potential from the unconscious mind. "The Garden of Forking Path" by Jorge Luis Borges shows a lot of aspects where there is the use of magical realism. After Worf returning from a bat-lek tournament, he is surprised that it is his birthday and his friends might have planned a party for him. Even though there is no party on the ship, there this painting on the wall which appears on another wall and then becomes a different painting. Relationships and positions look like they are changing. Worf sees the world as if it is rotating around him. Everybody else seems to be very okay with the world and some people subject that Worf might be going through crackdown.

Another aspect where magical realism is evidence in Jorge' The Garden of Forking Path is where the Worf's problem is said to be traced (Borges 120). The problem is that he crossed a thin membrane which was separating the universe/life and everything. As he moves through several parallel universes, the situation changes. The last aspect where the writer shows magical realism is where Jean-Luc Picard has been captured and then killed by the Borge, while in another universe he has retired and in still another universe he has not even been born. The same way as Work is single in one universe, married in the other universe and friends and foe depending on the universe he finds himself in.

On the other hand, there are also many aspects where Garcia Marquez uses magical realism in his short story (Marquez 465)." Death Constant, Beyond Love". In this way, the author suggests a possible story or stories which are far beyond the one he is telling. By so doing, he also achieves the aim of setting the appropriate mood and also deepening our understanding concerning the main character. For instance, if we can consider the sentence where Senator Onesimo Sanchez weathers less and placid while inside an air-conditioned car. The author tells us that immediately after the senator opened the car door, he was shaken with a gust of fire and then his pure silk shirt was soaked in a light-colored soup. But it is practical for a person to be the weather less. The author is trees to suggest that Senator Onesimo Sanchez was calm. However, he uses a phrase which a calm which is unnatural and almost artificial. The waterlessness can be attributed to the air-conditioning and further suggests that Sanchez, by his own choice not affected by the pleasant world. The world of hot weather. The author provides a suggestion that being weather less is to be somehow separate from the life of Rosal del Virrey, the converse can also be true, that to enter into the weather suggests a fundamental connection with its weather.

The second part of the phrase where we expect hot water after opening the door but he gets fire (Marquez 470). Maybe this is because it is very elemental and aggressively attacks our senses. The word shaken, at the begging means a physical response. But as you conclude the sentence it seems to be suggesting a spiritual or even an emotional response.

He shines in the blistering heat simply because he is rich. The shirt, therefore, suggests that the Senator separates himself from the conditions passed by his constituents. It is seen that the weather is attacking him and it has its magical effects and properties. The word "soup" is used as a suggestive word, the viscosity and peculiar pungency of the soup makes the reader take part in Sanchez's sensation. We should take this "soup" as an aspect of weather since if we assume that it has been created by weather, we will be translating it to "sweat" but this makes the phrase lack meaning as it was meant to achieve by Garcia Marquez. Sanchez's feelings are seen to be as a result of a transition from waterlessness to immersion

Finally, the two stories share this theme of magical realism as explained by this essay.

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