Investment Project to Start After Completion of Schooling. Free Essay

Published: 2023-08-22
Investment Project to Start After Completion of Schooling. Free Essay
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Step 1: The problem

What investment project to start after completion of schooling? I need to start an income-generating project for self-sustenance as I seek a good employment opportunity.

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Step 2: Generate alternatives

2a) important and relevant factors to consider

  • Factors/Criteria
  • Business idea
  • Passion and academic qualifications
  • Investment capital
  • Risks vs. Rewards
  • Location for the start-up
  • Market competition
  • Legal documentation
  • Target market

2b) List your options

  • Grocery store business
  • Food business
  • Fast food eateries
  • Online trading

Step 3: Gather information

  • Experiencing the market

I will survey the market to identify which of my options is more viable. I will also try to find some people who are openly involved in these businesses to gather first-hand information from them pertaining to the market performance, the benefits, challenges, and how to start.

Even though I might not take their advice, their input will be crucial in helping me navigate and chose the most viable option (Management books n.p). By surveying the market, I will also be able to observe the gaps and trends within my options in choosing the best alternative.

  • Analyzing the market

Having identified the gaps and trends in the market, I will be able to analyze the situation and start working towards a solution. My market analysis will be based on the business idea with average start-up capital requirements, low risks, less competition, and with little legal documentation (Management books n.p). Moreover, my analysis will focus on a business that targets the general population.

Step 4: Deciding

After conducting an analysis, I would decide to invest in a grocery business. The venture will only need little capital, which includes obtaining the stock, a store, and a licensing fee. Fresh food is always on demand, and this venture will target all populations. Even though there might be competition, I will focus on selling the freshest farm produce to attract customers and survive the competition. Food grocery is also viable since it does not require any form of training.

Step 5: Action & Assess. Metrics to assess the success of the chosen decision

  • Customer traffic
  • Customer conversion rate
  • Gross and net profit
  • Stock turn

Specific steps to adjust my plan if the metrics are not met

In a situation, my plan does not meet the metrics; the best approach would be to adjust my business model and embrace technology, e.g., social media for marketing and home delivery services (Rao n.p).

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