Free Essay on Sustainable Development and Hospitality Industry

Published: 2022-11-21
Free Essay on Sustainable Development and Hospitality Industry
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The concept of sustainability has been around for some time now. It is primarily the capacity of enduring. Because of the issue of global warming in the modern world, the hospitality and tourism industry faces so many challenges. This report aims on indicating why it is very critical to know all the factors which affect the hospitality industry either negatively or positively. The class has helped me to learn why people in the contemporary world have become more concerned about issues about the environment. People nowadays demand for more eco-products and prefer visiting places which are managed in an environmental-friendly or aware style. Sustainability comes with its challenges also, but developments in the hospitality industry have encouraged people to use recycled products or eco products.

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Sustainability is not only concerned with the environment; we have four major sustainability types: environmental, economic, social, and human. The concentration on environmental sustainability is, however, given more attention because of its possible effects and impacts. Sustainability meets the present needs without compromising the ability of other generation in the future to meet and acquire their specific needs. Environmental sustainability is meant to maintain a balance between economic and social development and at the same time focusing on protection of the environment (Jones, 2017, pp.12).

The economic industry is always shifting, and this potentially affects the hospitality industry. The needs of consumers are constantly changing, and the internet has led to increased consumer purchasing power. These issues are a significant concern to the hospitality industry, and firms that fail to adapt to the changing economic environment can be negatively affected (Horng, 2018, pp. 459). Consumers have become socially aware of the benefits of sustainable systems, and this puts pressure on the hospitality industry to adopt more modern measures which meet the needs of their consumers. Practices which cause pollution can affect the image of firms as global warming becomes an issue of concern in the modern world.

In conclusion, the hospitality industry has historically had a significant impact on the environment through water and energy consumption, the use of durable and consumer goods and hazardous and solid waste creation. Hotels consume a lot of energy for fuel, lighting, and other power-related requirements. Green operations are cheaper, and the world is shifting to a greener based consumer base. Advances in technologies related to renewable energy sources (wind. Geothermal, solar) have enhanced sustainability in the hospitality industry.


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