Essay Sample on the Importance of Art

Published: 2019-07-18
Essay Sample on the Importance of Art
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Art has often been considered an option that can be replaced easily with other factors that are deemed essential. In fact, there are various notable situations when Art has been repealed to accommodate other emerging needs. During periods of harsh economic times, arts are considered an option over other factors. This is evident in school contexts whereby arts programs and instructors are often the first to be cut off during the period of restructuring educational programs to suit ensuing situations. Things are not any different in households whereby purchase and support of artistic features are often reduced as a means of limiting household spending. Another notable concern is the fact that artists dependent on local, state and federal grants are often left with little knowledge of when they will receive the grants. All these circumstances beg the question as to whether art is necessary. Arguably, there are numerous reasons as to why art is necessary.

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Proposing Views

The most comprehensive reason as to why art is necessary aligns with the fact that art offers a comprehensive means through which people can communicate. Notable is the fact that there exist two forms of art; visual and performing arts. Speaking of visual arts, this denotes art features including architecture, video, filmmaking, photography, design, crafts, ceramics, painting, drawing, and sculptures (Graham 18). On the other hand, performing arts comprise of use of voices and body movements to covey creative expressions. Despite the differences that visual and performing arts exhibit, both allow people to communicate on their emotions, story, and thoughts. As an example, the lyrics of a particular song will convey the composers or artists emotions and thoughts about a certain theme. For this purpose, art is necessary because it can be used as a form of language, which people can use to express themselves.

Another justification as to why art is necessary is evident in the context of education. The pursuit of academics is a complex task that requires frequent periods of leisure that allows students to refresh their minds. Art offers a comprehensive means through which students can take a break from the demanding academic tasks. It is quiet unfortunate that various schools no longer have arts instructors. Apart from allowing students to relive stress and take a break from academic work, art enhances creativity amongst the students. As an example, engaging in art work allows students to realize their prowess in various art such as painting and music. As such, art work allows students to discover their talents, which they can exploit for their mutual benefit. A reflection on the contemporary society depicts the existence of various personalities who use their art-related talent to support their livelihoods (Efland 33). This is a major justification of the notion that art is necessary; hence, the need to fund it across various contexts including schools.

The necessity of art is further evident by the fact that it allows humans to appreciate their diversities. Visual and performing arts portray the cultural orientations of a given population. Therefore, use of art allows people of different cultural backgrounds to learn and appreciate the cultures of other populations. Such an understanding fosters peaceful co-existence amongst people of varying backgrounds. The modern day society has and continues to be crippled by war and conflicts among different populations. Such conflicts have and continue to jeopardize the lives of vulnerable populations including children and women. Therefore, art can play a critical role in fostering peace amongst the populations; hence, reducing the severe consequences of war and conflict. Certainly, this is a substantive reason that indicate that art is necessary (Graham 64).

On another note, art is necessary because it is educative, especially on matters aligned with history. Precisely, different arts are associated with particular time periods. The arts that existed in the 19th century are different from those that existed in the 18th century. Therefore, art can be used to comprehend the manner in which people lived, in particular, periods. For example, music played in the early 1900s comprised of teen-pop and dance-pop. Such music can be used to trace the scope of pop musing, which is common in the 20th century. Overall, art is necessary because it teaches us on various historical periods and the ideologies that existed during these periods (Efland 13).

Art is also necessary because it is part of our daily lives. The buildings we live in are derived from architecture, which is a crucial element of art. Similarly, the manner in which we dress is related with art in that the color of clothes we chose to wear are artistic. Furthermore, the manner in which people arrange and furnish their household is art (Graham 92). In a nutshell, art manifests in various spheres of an individuals life. This analysis depicts the fact that art is part and parcel of an individual life. Many at times, people get involved in the art without their prior knowledge. Those who often argue that art is not necessary are yet to realize the manner in which they often interact and get involved in art.

Opposing Views and Counterarguments

Those opposed to the notion that art is necessary often articulate that art is a form of leisure that is only applicable and meaningful amongst the wealthy. In most cases, people who do not view art to be necessary argue that art as a form of leisure is not necessary for survival. While such notions are true, there is a need to comprehend the fact that leisure does not always have to be expensive and for the wealthy. Precisely, there exist various forms of leisure that are affordable (Efland 106). Therefore, leisure through art is not a preserve for the wealthy. Art suits all the populations regardless of their economic status. Deductively, notions that art is not necessary are based on false premises.


The above discussions portray the pertinent fact that art is necessary. The essence of art extends to the religious contexts whereby art comprises of specific religious or spiritual facets. Precisely, certain curving and painting are associated with certain religious ideologies. Overall, art is necessary because it gives meaning to life. Various forms of art create culture, which people can identify with. Worth noting is the fact that art is a reflection of the society because it is used to develop different societal features including buildings. Similarly, art offers aesthetic values to the society, which gives meaning to life (Graham 46). On another note, art offers a viable means through which people can express their emotion, particularly on why they like and dislike. This offers a viable platform through which humans can appreciate their diversities and live in harmony. Conclusively, art is necessary.

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