Free Essay on Facilitating Change, Addressing Diversity, and Building the Community

Published: 2021-02-11
Free Essay on Facilitating Change, Addressing Diversity, and Building the Community
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Attending school is a vital component of ones life. Without it, most people would not reach the extents they have today. It is also through education that great intellectuals emerged in history. Because of their continued research, we have been able to lead simple and holistic lives. The extent to which our predecessors went to ensuring future generations would not experience a tough life like the one they did has somewhat led to current populations abusing the use of the school environment. It has become an entirely different situation than what it was destined to be. However, those who still believe in its importance are striving towards creating a peaceful environment for their learners. This essay focuses on three major themes namely, change, diversity, and community building, that are aiding in its endeavor.

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In the somewhat broad theme of change, we look at seven aspects. First is care. In leading institutions of learning, the instructors are caring to their students. Creating a good raptor with your teachers is one way through which students are transforming from underperformers into excellent students. This is evident in some schools, especially public colleges, and high schools. The second aspect involves connectedness. When kids go to school, their parents expect them to acquire enough knowledge to assist them once they are out in the real world. Therefore, teachers and campus lecturers have an obligation to set straight the vital issues that students need to be acquainted with (Manev, 2014).

The third aspect combines two almost similar but crucial components. That is equality and equity. Every student who covers the stated syllabus in one school should be treated equally even if he was to transfer to another institution. Instructors should, therefore, be keen when passing their judgment regarding the presence of some learners. Moreover, the origin or ability of a student should not determine the amount of attention that he or she should receive from his teacher. Equity in service delivery should always be observed. These two cohorts create a larger aspect that needs to be observed keenly. Justice is a vital factor in the school environment, which works for both the teachers and students. To ensure it is effectively delivered, the students need to be accountable for their schoolwork while teachers remain vigilant in their schooling task.

Peace is a word that comes around often on a larger scale. It, however, plays a key role in ensuring the continued performance of a school. Therefore, no member of a school community should disturb the peaceful learning environment in a school and leave unpunished. Every school has rules in place that deal with such intruders irrespective of their stature. Freedom is key to the school environment. Granting teachers and students the freedom to do as they please as long as it relates to education matters is important because it aids in creating new ways of improving performance. Apart from this, it also helps students discover unknown potentials, which can help them in future. Trust and empowerment are two last aspects that foster a cooperative school. The administrators in contemporary school have mastered the art of assigning and delegating certain powers to members of staff to facilitate efficient service delivery. Involving the community is also a form of empowerment in the school environment since decisions can be arrived at mutually with the expected results.

The school environment is made up of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. As a result, diversity is a common feature. However, every member of such schools has an obligation towards fostering oneness. In current schools, administrators have established some ways to aid this prevailing situation. In some, sport is the main tool for bringing people together (Manev, 2014). Despite the competition, many students are normally keen on meeting new people during such competitions. School seminars and benchmarks are also proving to be crucial components in enhancing unity. These two are in fact the most effective tools due to their educative themes. Holding debates is also another way through which diversity gaps are breached. It enhances the creation of a better society because students focus on matters affecting the community in such debates.

Public schools, typically referred to as PK-12 schools, are a means of fostering unity and nationalism. According to my view, they serve more as communities than organizations. This is because these schools always host school festivities such as open day, parents day, and graduation ceremonies among others. These events are meant to bring together and familiarize members of the school. Through these many events, learning institutions are assured of creating a communal kind of stature rather than an organizational one. This is because these events can be used to extend aid to other members of the school community who need it.

Education is a service that should be extended to kids irrespective of their nationality or origin. Democracy is an important virtue when it comes to delivering schooling services. Therefore, no matter what, as long as the state is democratic, every citizen in it be it a parent or kid should be cared for in the school environment like every other student. Administering knowledge in a democratic way instills the attitude that democracy is crucial in todays economy. As a result, students learn to spread the virtue once they are out of school and out practicing different occupations.The themes mentioned above are just a gist of the many ways through which school heads can help foster commonness in schools. Such aspects remind the youth why their forefathers fought for their country. It is, therefore, important that public school administrators work together to assist students to realize their true potentials.


Manev, V. (2014). The unity in the universe: Theory of theories, theory of reality 2014.

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