Research Writing Experience - Free Essay Sample

Published: 2019-07-15
Research Writing Experience - Free Essay Sample
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The research project is one of the core activities that are necessary for determining one's understanding of the course. Additionally, it provides a platform in which learners can identify certain problems in society and look for ways of solving them through conducting a comprehensive research on the matter. Due to its significant on my education, the realization that I have completed the final draft of my research is not only encouraging but also signifies my determination towards successful completion of this course. Specifically, other than gaining the useful skills of research writing, I feel enthusiastic, motivated, and knowledgeable after the completion of the final draft.

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The source of my project came as a result of the need and identification of some of the problems the society faces and the necessity to solve them. As such, I came up with an idea that will not only assist me but will also help the community and provide change. Notably, the success of my final draft has been contributed by specific materials and people. First, my tutor was very instrumental in ensuring that I did not only finish successfully, but I provided an educative piece of research work. On the same note, books and previous research were very beneficial in the provision of imperative information that was necessary for the progress. Particularly, it is quite hard and very impossible to have a successful final draft without relying on the secondary resources. Lastly, my family was also important in this final draft both financially and emotionally. Moreover, the services that were provided by the library at Seminole State during the research process were very credible. Useful materials that were necessary for the progress were available at the library that simplified my search for secondary sources. These materials varied from books, journals, and even visual materials that I needed.

Conversely, there are some of the problems I encountered during the time I was writing this research project. The first one was to get the appropriate information that was in line with my research topic. Although books and library were available, getting the exact information was quite difficult. Secondly, I needed primary information from the participants of which some were very hostile; hence, getting certain information was not easy. However, the issue of getting information was guided by my research supervisor who directed me on how to get such facts. Moreover, I was taught to handle hostel audiences who were not able to give information in a manner that calmed them down.

Notably, this project was accompanied with some significant successes. I was able to answer the research question using the information I got from materials such as books and interviews. Secondly, I was able to meet the deadline of the submission date that was very important since without that the project could have been canceled. In particular, the success of this project has instilled some courage and confidence in me. It has taught me the various steps and processes that are necessary for research writing. Moreover, methods of gathering information are a core factor in a successful research project that I got from this writing. As such, I feel very courageous and confidence to approach the future research assignments since I have both basics and advanced knowledge of writing a research project.

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